Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Looky Loos

Whenever there is a car accident, there's always a handful of people behind the wheel that feel it is their duty to look hard and long at the poor people on the side of the road who feel and look like morons for running into the person in front of them. Why is this? If there is an accident up ahead of where I'm heading, I choose not to look. I don't even try to catch a glimpse. I don't want to participate in the already atrocious traffic in this state. Two days ago I was on my way to the gym and I had a looky loo in front of me. There had been an accident involving 4 cars in the opposite lane and people were out of their cars examining the damage and on the phones with their insurance company. We were moving very slowly and I of course assumed it must be because there was a long line of cars in front of us that were trying to make room for any police or ambulance on their way. No. The jackass in front of me chose to take a good look at the mess on the side of the road. There were NO cars in front of him. He was literally going 2 miles an hour with his head turned hard to the left the entire time to see if there was any blood, any bodies trapped under a car, or if someone was running around frantically with their hair on fire. I suppose if I caught a glimpse of that in my peripheral vision, I'd go against my own rule and, too, would have to take a look at that. However, there was no such excitement happening. It was a freakin' fender bender. After we were well past it, we were still crawling along because he had to keep looking through his rear view mirror and side mirrors to see if he'd missed anything. I was finally able to pass him and give the look to him of "You F-in idiot" only he didn't get to see it because he was still too busy looking for corpses. Aghhh.

Ughh. This entry is boring me so I think I'm done now.

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