Monday, August 28, 2006

Ten Thirty

Farrah likes to make her presence known at 10:30 AM & PM. It has become quite predictable now. She'll pop up every once in a while at different times, but I can always count on her doing her little dance for mom & dad at 10:30. Last night she pushed a bit harder than usual. Pretty sure she has inherited the Moody muscles. I've always been able to see my belly roll around, but it poked up twice really hard. There was actual slight discomfort in those kicks. And it's only going to get worse. On Wednesday morning, Mike and I are going in for my doctor's appointment followed by our first 4D ultrasound appointment. The ultrasound appointment is scheduled for 10:30!!! We should get to see her at play. We're both really excited, too. I'll be sure to post pictures when I get them.

On Saturday, Mike and I had Tori (Nick & Corey's sister) and Alex over. We all decided we wanted to go to the big park in our neighborhood. We also wanted to be able to take Titan with us so he could get some exercise. We knew it would be a long trek for Tori, so the guys decided to pull out the golf cart. I assumed I would end up walking him all the way over there, but then we decided to try and see how Titan would do if I just held on to his leash while riding in the cart. Off we went and Titan stayed by my side jogging right next to us the whole time. It was so great! He did so well and was able to get so much exercise that way. Finally, when we were about half way there, Titan was really out of breath. I thought I should get out and maybe walk him the rest of the way. Mike suggested we try to get him to jump in the cart with us and drive the rest of the way. We didn't even have to try to get him in. The second I slapped my leg, the dog was sitting in the front with me, Mike, and Tori. We were laughing so hard. Titan was panting and drooling all over us, but it was still fun. We all went to the park and played for about 45 minutes to an hour. When it was time to go, we all hopped in and headed back home. The cool thing about this little discovery is that I know the importance of taking him for walks and getting him out of the back yard, but I just don't enjoy doing it. I don't like walking, plain and simple. If I have to, then it's on a treadmill. I prefer getting my exercise from the gym. When I'm done there, I'm done. Also, when there are other dogs around, Titan feels the need to protect me by suddenly growing and barking very meanly. He doesn't do anything but just look scary to other people and their dogs. However, he won't pay any attention to other dogs if he's busy running. I'd have no worries. Also, it will get more difficult for me to walk him as the pregnancy progresses. This way Mike and I can just go on a ride together and have him trotting right by our side. When the weather changes and it starts to get dark early, I will still be able to take him out because the golf cart has bright headlights. I can hardly wait to take him out again.

I'm sure we look like we're cheating when we take him out with a golf cart, but I'm okay with that.

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