Sunday, December 30, 2007

A New Year

I am looking forward to an amazing and prosperous 2008. Other than the loves of my life, 2007 has been a tumultuous year. For the most part, things for Mike and I have always come easy (and I don't necessarily mean material things). In the last year, there have been many things that have been extremely difficult for us where we would constantly get to a point of not knowing whether we'd make it or not (emotionally). I have experienced one break down after another. I have wanted to run with my family as far away from the badness as we could possibly get. However, there has always been that small glimmer of hope in the distance. It has always been the feeling and the knowing that everything always seems to work out, no matter how bad it seems to get.

Mike and I are firm believers in "Everything happens for a reason" and "Everything is perfect and as it should be." It's hard to trust that everything will work out as it should, when it feels like it just keeps piling up more and more everyday. But... we started to trust the inevitable. Everything does work out as it should and it all happens for a reason. Things that we thought were falling apart have been pieced back together better than we could have imagined. Things that we felt could ruin us, are perfectly manageable. Where we thought there'd be some horrific challenges ahead of us in certain battles, we are finding it easing and less stressful. We are back to accepting our lives in a positive manner rather than looking at things with a "woe-is-me" attitude. We've started to laugh at the things that we have found stressful before, and are finding that to be much better. We have decided to put some of the things that have consumed and disrupted our 2007 off until 2008. Everything that we have on our plates right now, we feel will be corrected and better once 2008 rolls around. 2007 was the year of bad news and stress. 2008 will be the year to set it all straight. I am excited for our lives to not only get easier and better, but under control yet again. Bring on the new year, as we are ready and excited for it!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

When Animals Attack

Last night, Mike and I went to a bar with some friends to celebrate a birthday. It was a lot of fun. We decided it was my turn to get to drink and not be responsible for the transportation of the Moodys. So, there I was having some delicious Washington Apples. Over time, more and more people started to arrive. More and more men started to arrive. Why is it that guys seem to think if they touch you, grab you, or say overly forward comments to you, they think you'll drop the guy you came with and will go home with them? I believe that's probably why they're single in the first place. Well one guy walked in and started to head towards me as I was walking back to the bar for another Washington Apple. He decided to grab me around the waist, in front of Mike, mind you. Without a second thought, my drunken little muscles managed to shove the guy off me as I said, "Uh, No thanks!" I laughed hard at the fact that I was able to get this fairly big guy off of me before he could finish his off color sentence. Mike thinks that I pushed myself off of him, but I prefer my version of the story much better. Either way, I won. Probably the worst part of it though, was the guy was heading for our table of friends. He was part of our clan and we had never met him before! Our friends at the table looked at Mike and said he looked like he was about to kill someone when that happened. The guy who sat down at our table felt horrible. He said, "Of course I decide to hit on the wife of the biggest guy at the table." He apologized and bought Mike a beer. That's about all I remember about that night. I am still recouping from my beverages and it is 2:30 PM. Pretty sad.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good Intentions

We had our family Xmas party on the 22nd. I was in charge of throwing it. I had volunteered about 5 years ago to throw it at our house, but have had several parties since then and have discovered that our house isn't quite equipped for that kind of crowd. Our family consists of several adults, several children, and several children-like adults. The design of our house isn't open enough to hold all those bodies for dinner, mingling, and gift giving. So, this year, I threw it at my parents' clubhouse. In any case, when you are the one to throw the xmas party, you are the one bringing the Ham and in charge of bringing any extra goodies, while dictating what everyone else will bring to the potluck. Well, to add a little something-something to the holiday spirit, I figured I'd make some spiced apple cider. Who doesn't love that? Apparently, a lot of people don't. I bought 3 gallons of apple juice and 2 large packets of mulling spice. I cooked the cider for a good 3 hours and my house smelt like Christmas. We loved it. I packed it up and brought it to the party and anticipated that at least 2.5 gallons would be consumed, leaving me with 1/2 a gallon for Xmas Eve and Xmas day. Ummm, no. My Grandma and I were the only ones drinking it. The ONLY ONES!!! I watched my Grandma pour some and force people to drink it. "Drink it!! It's delicious! Kathy made it!" She was a great fan. I was left with the 2.5 gallons that I had hoped would be gone. So, I've been working on finishing it all off all by myself. I think next year I'll just bring a 2 liter of Coke.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear Farrah Part 12, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Well, sweetie, today is your birthday! I just finished reading about your delivery on this blog site and relived and enjoyed every wonderful moment. It's incredible seeing how much one year can do. You went from being so fragile that if someone didn't hold you just right, you could be injured, to you now trying to run and crawl up stairs. Your throaty cries have turned into conversations with me and Daddy and asking for us by name. You have gone from a breast to a spoon. You have gone from a swaddler to pants, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. You have gone from wearing hats to keep your precious head warm, to attempting to comb your beautiful golden blonde hair all by yourself. You are amazing.

On Saturday, December 15th, we celebrated your birthday with close relatives and friends. And Farrah, you have A LOT of friends. Our house was busting out the seams. It was very stressful and I figured I'd never do that again, however, you're such a social butterfly it may not be able to be helped. So, I will start preparing earlier, like July, for you upcoming event. At your party, you received a number of little gifts including clothes galore, balls that pop up out of a machine, finger puppets, and even a hand-me-down piggy bank given to you by your Uncle Steve. So neat. You had your "princess cake" which had 4 different Disney princesses on it with a big "Happy 1st Birthday Farrah" on it. You got to have your very own cake that the rest of us didn't get to eat. It was for you to dive into and enjoy. But you didn't so much. You are not a fan of filth. You poked at the cake a few times, but didn't exactly dive in. You did get messy, though.

After your sugar high started to wear off, you kinda became a bit of a nightmare. You see, I don't exactly give you many sweets. This was quite the treat for you. When it was finally obvious that you needed to go to bed, you decided to cry for no less than an hour. Not just whining, but sobbing. You were SO TIRED. You were over stimulated by all the people in your home and the massive amount of sugar pulsating through your veins. It was a bit much for little you. Eventually, you put yourself to sleep, but not without a few aftershock cries here and there while you slept.

On your actual birthday, Gramma and Grampa came over to celebrate with Great Gramma V. We sat around and had stroganoff and you joined us. It was your first big person meal. And on your birthday, no less! YOU LOVED STROGANOFF!! You are definitely my daughter. I loves me some stroganoff. After dinner, we went down stairs to watch hospital videos of when I was in labor and after you were born. It was so great to watch it. We all got to relive it a little. You were so tiny. You watched the video, too. Especially, if you heard yourself cry. It was fun.

Farrah, you are beyond anything I could have ever wished for. You are a delight each and every day. Even though I get the privilege of spending all day with you, if I haven't played with you as much as I see fit, I feel like I haven't seen you all day. Is that weird? You are becoming more and more affectionate. You run to us. When I peak in to visit you at the gym's daycare, you start to cry just a little when I walk away. What?!! You want to be with me that bad? But your friends are in there! And yet, it's me you'd rather be with. Your dad and I will hang on to that for as long as you will give it. For I know, it's just a matter of time that you might be asking to be left alone with your peeps. We'll see about that. You are a hugger and a kisser. When you hug us, you let out a song-like sigh, "ahhhhh..." You chuckle about everything. I don't want to be selfish, but I think your laughs are somewhat similar to mine. You have a wonderful smile. I've always admired people, women in particular, that have smiles that can light up a room. Yours does! You don't just smile with your face, but your whole body and soul. There's a radiance about you that I just can't explain. I am beyond in complete love with you every day, all day.

It was a year ago that your Daddy and I brought you into our lives. And what a wondorous experience it has been. We love you so very much, Farrah. You are our best thing.

With all my heart,


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here are the pictures

Here is the bloody scene...

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Farrah met Jolly Old Saint Nicholas yesterday. Unfortunately, the line was so incredibly long that by the time we made it all around (picture the line for Santa in the movie, A Christmas Story), she was exhausted and had a wet diaper. We saw several young families and many babies that were also having their first Santa experience. It was too cute. There was a family of 5 little girls wearing the same green jump suit. They were adorable. Many little girls were wearing the best dresses they had in their closet. So was our little girl. Mike and I had picked out a dress for her to wear for her pictures with Santa and for Christmas. It was our first time putting her in it, and we couldn't get over how perfect it was for her. It was a chocolate brown and a dark burgundy red. I went so far as to put a little mouse in her hair to get her curls to curl up. When we were at the middle of the line, Farrah was very restless. I let her walk around the mall near the line while Mike held our spot. This made her happy until I made her change directions. She was bored out of her mind. I know she was thinking, "There had better be something wonderful at the end of this or all hell is going to break loose." As we neared Mr. Clause, she was extremely fussy. We saw three families take their kids up together for a group photo and watched the youngest in the middle shriek in fear and discontent. It was funny for a moment, knowing that family was going to get some hysterical pictures, but then I thought about Farrah. What if she got scared of him? What if she freaked out and was scared to death? My heart ultimately started breaking for this poor little boy. After the parents tortured the child for a good two minutes they finally rescued him, the cheerleaders were next, and then Farrah. I placed her on Santa's lap and she just stared at him. Then she just stared at me and then just stared at her dad. No expression. None what-so-ever. She could have cared less. She didn't cry, she didn't whine, she didn't smile, she did nothing. Even as the girls behind the camera made funny noises to get her attention. Nothing. She just wasn't impressed. I think it's because she isn't quite aware that he sees her when she's sleeping, knows when she's awake, and knows if she's been bad or good. I'm sure her reaction will be a bit different when she realizes the power he has. Her picture turned out amazing regardless. When we were done, I reminded Santa of me sitting on his lap last year with a pregnant belly full of this little girl. I, of course, expected him to know who I was, but I don't think he did. It was super cool getting to experience that with Farrah and Mike. It's amazing watching your child experience something that will be a tradition for years to come but for the very first time. It was pretty cool.

Thursday, Bloody Thursday

Thursday night, Farrah had her first big spill. She was walking around as usual and fell forward as usual. Only this time, she started to wail. This, too is not a first. She has hit her head on numerous occasions and has recovered successfully. I quickly ran to comfort my child when suddenly Mike told me she was bleeding. Being the liar that he likes to be to scare the shit out of me, I didn't believe him until I looked at her. Blood was filling up inside her mouth and pouring out onto her shirt and pants. "WHAT DO I DO? WHAT HAPPENED?! SHOULD I TAKE HER TO THE DOCTOR?!!!" This was my way of overreacting. Forgive me for freaking out at the site of blood coming out of my kid for the first time. Pretty intence moment. I took paper towels and drowned them in cold water for her to suck on. She momentarily stopped crying as the cold helped sooth her pain, but she went right back to the screaming. One paper towel after another and a washcloth until she started to relax and we started to relax. This is what happened to her...

Farrah is currently teething like nobody's business. She has 3 teeth trying to push their way through at the same time. The tough ones have been her two uppers. Well, she was walking around the family room, tripped and bit down hard. Usually, when we experience tripping or falling and our mouths shut hard, our bottom teeth are stopped by our upper teeth. Her bottom teeth were not stopped. In fact, they just kept on going. They cut through the already sore and inflamed gums that were working on helping her two front teeth make an appearance. Her little gums were bruised and sore, but she survived her first BIG did I.

I'll post pictures shortly, so be sure to check back to take a look.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Scooby-Doo, Where are you!

On Sunday, we decided to decorate the tree for Xmas. When doing so, photos were taken. After the decorating took place, we noticed spots on our photos. They were "orbs." Ya know, ghosts. They were in so many of the pictures, it was weird. Some of the ornaments I have on my tree are about 100 years old. We figured it was some great great grand parents or great great aunts that were popping in to say hello. Well, after that creepy discovery, a couple nights later we heard noises coming from Farrah's room. No big deal, because it was the house creaking, right? Right. Except, Mike said he heard what sounded like foot steps, too. Mind you, Mike doesn't hear too good. But, has the ability to hear what we don't want to. Great. Last night was the topper. We had put Farrah to bed and had settled in for the night ourselves, when we heard our door make a noise as if there was a breeze of some sort outside. You know when you're in a room and someone opens a door somewhere else and the air that has changed in the room makes another door near by move because of suction? That's what our door did. It was as if the air outside our room pushed our door. Yuck. Mike opened the door and poked his head out to look downstairs to see if someone was in our house or if we could hear anything else that was weird. Just more creaking sounds. Well, Mike and I had watched the show, "Hauntings" and every time something creepy would happen, the family would huddle together all freaked out. But guess who was missing. The family baby. The baby always gets left to fend for itself against the ghosts and quite frankly, I wasn't about to make Farrah take on such a task. So, being the person that I am, I quickly woke her up and put her in bed with us while Mike propped up our laundry basket up against the door. He said, "I don't want to be surprised." He was our hero.

Needless to say, I didn't sleep well. Not because of creepy noises (which by the way, I heard it again in the middle of the night while Mike and Farrah slept), but because Farrah didn't want to sleep with us. She wanted to be in her own bed and I wouldn't let her. Hopefully, there will be no noises to concern us so we can all catch up on some MUCH needed rest.

Monday, December 03, 2007

45 Minute Rule

Well, our little girl is walking all over the place. This has made it so that Daddy had to go to "Babyproof" town. There are gates everywhere around our house and there are zip tie things around all of our cabinets. Her socks are now getting a little dirty, too. With Farrah running all over the kitchen now, she has made little discoveries. Like cookies she tossed on the floor almost an hour earlier. "Mmmm, this looks like it would taste better down here than up in that seat. Yum! I was right!" Sorry, as far as I'm concerned, there is no such thing as a 5 second rule when you have a little one who finds treats on the floor. What should I do, take it away from her? The kid is clearly hungry and must eat. I'm not one to interrupt snack time. Besides, it's not like she's picking it up off the floor of a sewage plant. I would step in at that point. I'm a good mother.