Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thursday, Bloody Thursday

Thursday night, Farrah had her first big spill. She was walking around as usual and fell forward as usual. Only this time, she started to wail. This, too is not a first. She has hit her head on numerous occasions and has recovered successfully. I quickly ran to comfort my child when suddenly Mike told me she was bleeding. Being the liar that he likes to be to scare the shit out of me, I didn't believe him until I looked at her. Blood was filling up inside her mouth and pouring out onto her shirt and pants. "WHAT DO I DO? WHAT HAPPENED?! SHOULD I TAKE HER TO THE DOCTOR?!!!" This was my way of overreacting. Forgive me for freaking out at the site of blood coming out of my kid for the first time. Pretty intence moment. I took paper towels and drowned them in cold water for her to suck on. She momentarily stopped crying as the cold helped sooth her pain, but she went right back to the screaming. One paper towel after another and a washcloth until she started to relax and we started to relax. This is what happened to her...

Farrah is currently teething like nobody's business. She has 3 teeth trying to push their way through at the same time. The tough ones have been her two uppers. Well, she was walking around the family room, tripped and bit down hard. Usually, when we experience tripping or falling and our mouths shut hard, our bottom teeth are stopped by our upper teeth. Her bottom teeth were not stopped. In fact, they just kept on going. They cut through the already sore and inflamed gums that were working on helping her two front teeth make an appearance. Her little gums were bruised and sore, but she survived her first BIG did I.

I'll post pictures shortly, so be sure to check back to take a look.

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