Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dear Farrah Part 12, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Well, sweetie, today is your birthday! I just finished reading about your delivery on this blog site and relived and enjoyed every wonderful moment. It's incredible seeing how much one year can do. You went from being so fragile that if someone didn't hold you just right, you could be injured, to you now trying to run and crawl up stairs. Your throaty cries have turned into conversations with me and Daddy and asking for us by name. You have gone from a breast to a spoon. You have gone from a swaddler to pants, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. You have gone from wearing hats to keep your precious head warm, to attempting to comb your beautiful golden blonde hair all by yourself. You are amazing.

On Saturday, December 15th, we celebrated your birthday with close relatives and friends. And Farrah, you have A LOT of friends. Our house was busting out the seams. It was very stressful and I figured I'd never do that again, however, you're such a social butterfly it may not be able to be helped. So, I will start preparing earlier, like July, for you upcoming event. At your party, you received a number of little gifts including clothes galore, balls that pop up out of a machine, finger puppets, and even a hand-me-down piggy bank given to you by your Uncle Steve. So neat. You had your "princess cake" which had 4 different Disney princesses on it with a big "Happy 1st Birthday Farrah" on it. You got to have your very own cake that the rest of us didn't get to eat. It was for you to dive into and enjoy. But you didn't so much. You are not a fan of filth. You poked at the cake a few times, but didn't exactly dive in. You did get messy, though.

After your sugar high started to wear off, you kinda became a bit of a nightmare. You see, I don't exactly give you many sweets. This was quite the treat for you. When it was finally obvious that you needed to go to bed, you decided to cry for no less than an hour. Not just whining, but sobbing. You were SO TIRED. You were over stimulated by all the people in your home and the massive amount of sugar pulsating through your veins. It was a bit much for little you. Eventually, you put yourself to sleep, but not without a few aftershock cries here and there while you slept.

On your actual birthday, Gramma and Grampa came over to celebrate with Great Gramma V. We sat around and had stroganoff and you joined us. It was your first big person meal. And on your birthday, no less! YOU LOVED STROGANOFF!! You are definitely my daughter. I loves me some stroganoff. After dinner, we went down stairs to watch hospital videos of when I was in labor and after you were born. It was so great to watch it. We all got to relive it a little. You were so tiny. You watched the video, too. Especially, if you heard yourself cry. It was fun.

Farrah, you are beyond anything I could have ever wished for. You are a delight each and every day. Even though I get the privilege of spending all day with you, if I haven't played with you as much as I see fit, I feel like I haven't seen you all day. Is that weird? You are becoming more and more affectionate. You run to us. When I peak in to visit you at the gym's daycare, you start to cry just a little when I walk away. What?!! You want to be with me that bad? But your friends are in there! And yet, it's me you'd rather be with. Your dad and I will hang on to that for as long as you will give it. For I know, it's just a matter of time that you might be asking to be left alone with your peeps. We'll see about that. You are a hugger and a kisser. When you hug us, you let out a song-like sigh, "ahhhhh..." You chuckle about everything. I don't want to be selfish, but I think your laughs are somewhat similar to mine. You have a wonderful smile. I've always admired people, women in particular, that have smiles that can light up a room. Yours does! You don't just smile with your face, but your whole body and soul. There's a radiance about you that I just can't explain. I am beyond in complete love with you every day, all day.

It was a year ago that your Daddy and I brought you into our lives. And what a wondorous experience it has been. We love you so very much, Farrah. You are our best thing.

With all my heart,


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