Sunday, December 27, 2009

There Goes Our Sex Life

Farrah's bed has not yet arrived, but it is on its way.  However, we do have her mattress.  So, we decided to give her a taste of what it will be like to be in a big girl bed, beginning Christmas Eve.  It was very successful.  That's because she didn't know what it meant, yet, to have the freedom of not being caged up in a crib.  But, she knows now.

"Mommy, I need to go potty."
"Mommy, I need to blow my nose."
"Hi Mommy."
"Hi Daddy. Mommy is Daddy sleeping?"
"I want to watch another movie."
"I need a hug and a kiss."
"It's over! The movie is over. Mom, it's over."

She has now discovered free will.  She just walks right on in our room and lets us know what's up, what she needs, what she feels she needs to tell us, whatever comes to mind.  She doesn't even have the courtesy to knock!  Rude.  I clearly need to teach my daughter some new manners.  One thing she hasn't quite picked up on yet, is when she is upstairs napping and we are downstairs watching TV or something, that she can actually walk down the stairs.  She just shouts from the top of the stairs at us, asking if she can be awake now.  "No."

Well, here we are at a new phase of our little girl's life.  I hate the idea of clicking the lock over on our bedroom door, but it might be necessary until she learns to knock.  I don't want her to have to tell a horror story to her friends as she grows up about when she walked in on her Mom and Dad one fateful night.  No thanks.

On another note, Christmas was wonderful.  She received a Dollhouse from Santa Claus along with dolls (from Great Grandma), chapstick, nail polish, candy canes, a little hockey set from Auntie Bre and Uncle Steve, Mr. Potato Head from Grandma Jan and Boppy Bobby, Cinderella Dress from Uncle Jeff, and so many more gifts to mention.  She had painted a ceramic cereal bowl for her Daddy with her hand prints on it, a tea cup/kettle set for Grandma Jan, a Beer Stein for Boppy Bobby, and something for Grandma Rita and Poppy Dan but I can't mention it because they haven't received it yet.  So, shhhhh.  Mike and I gave each other lovely gifts (digital photo frame and pearl ring for me - 928 photo, Bose Stereo, and custom money clips for Mike).  I received a Snuggie from Alex and Mike received the awesome new iMouse from Alex.  Very thoughtful.  Jeff and Steve were quite clever with their gifts for us.  Very fun and creative.  It was my first time making Christmas Dinner in my entire life:  Turkey, green bean casserole, candied yams, stuffing, rolls, and game sauce.  Too much for one person to do.  Now I understand the chaos of having so many of us in the kitchen during Thanksgiving and Xmas.  Hard work.  I attempted gravy and failed miserably.  Sorry.  Anyhoo, there's the most recent update.

Merry Christmas was great!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Small Town, Watch OUT!!!

Today, was a prime example as to why you shouldn't be a douche bag out on the road; particularly if you are 1/2 a mile from my gym.  It started with me getting off the freeway and trying to merge over to the left, but everyone in the left was trying to get over to the right.  Well, the butthole behind me was trying to do the same, apparently.  However, he was unable to see that the reason I had come to a complete stop was because 3 cars ahead of me were also at a complete stop.  But, still, he insisted on honking and screaming at me to, "GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" and wail around like a psycho.  Being the smart person that I am, I turned around and told him to  "eff yourself mother effer piece of shit, eff you!!!"  Didn't think it was family friendly to use the eff bomb but still keep it PG-13 with the word, "shit".  Of course, Farrah was very displeased with my poor choice of words, as was I.  But he was an ass!  So here, lies the problem.  Was he a gym member?  Does he frequent my place of business?  That could suck in so many ways.  This area is too small not to recognize one another.  Oh, and the best part is, my car is COMPLETELY decked out in Gold's Gym Marketing material.  Well, maybe he thinks I just love to work out and not that I'm there EVERY SINGLE DAY.  On the other hand, I could just as easily find him and cancel his membership or simply make a scene about his bad driving etiquette.

I'm probably the asshole in this, because he probably got some bad news earlier, and me stopping behind other stopped vehicles was more than he could stand.  So, sorry, angry douchey driver behind me today.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fugly Sweater Day

Today, I picked out a pink sweater to wear to work.  It's a cute pink sweater with 3/4 sleeves and ribbed cotton.  Neat, huh?  If it were 1999.  It used to be flattering.  Mike even said it looked slimming on me, this morning.  Then, my day began at work.  I felt quite unattractive in it ALL DAY LONG.  That's a sign that the sweater must find its way to a clothing recycling bin.  I can't be tempted to put this thing on my body again.  It's almost as if I forget how bad it looks and can only remember how nice it looked on me in the 90s.  That image is engrained in my brain throughout my car drive to work, making me believe this was a good choice, later to discover it was not.

Take care, pink sweater.  I am breaking up with you.  You need to see other people and I need to see other sweaters.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Mike

This blog is about you, Mike.  You have been slaving for days (really, for months) on the Fuzion Mobile program to get a little monster of a business off the ground and running.  We have several people who are putting a lot of time and energy into this, but you are who I see everyday, so it is you who I am writing about.
You work from home because you know how important it is to stay focused on your project.  And you really do!  The last few days, you have locked yourself in your office and virtually glued your ass to your office chair.  The only time you've moved is to just get a change of scenery by moving your computer to a different location in the house.  I am surprised your eyesight isn't completely failing from staring at a computer screen all day. You've written so much for the people to better understand what exactly Fuzion Mobile is all about, and when doing that, you've dissected all that you've written and rewritten it again!
I pointed out last night that you worked yourself to the point of blowing a massive blood vessel in your left eyeball.  That's like "Xtreme Working"!!!  You went without a shower for two days straight.  So, this morning I rubbed your furry head and kissed your prickly face with nothing but pride in my heart and sympathy for the sheer exhaustion I know you're experiencing.  Type, type, type, print, print, print, corrections, phone calls, web conferencing, deligating, and trying to sneak in a hug or two from your girls.
I've watched the sadness in your eyes because of the sacrafices you've had to make with your family.  But I know this is important and who you are doing this for.  She loves you so much, and who knew a 3 year old (tomorrow) would understand that daddy has work to do but it's all good?  She gets it!  And in the meantime she gets her wrestling matches with you and gets to jump off your back and cuddle up with you.  She LOVES that!  I love that!

And, then there's moments like tonight...
I watched you in a moment where you shined!  After the long nights, running on 6 hours of sleep (if that), and the blood, sweat, and tears; it all came together for this moment.  The constant pressure on you to get it done and the weight of the world on your shoulders if you didn't, and you still managed to be cool, calm, and collected throughout the whole thing.

I wanted to jump out of my seat and start clawing and screaming, because one of the investors was "busting your balls".  While he questioned you and your abilities I wanted to scream, "Because he is perfect for this job!!! Because he cares so much!!!  Because he wants everyone to be successful!!!  Because he doesn't want to nor intend to let anyone down!!!"  But, thank god for that little bit of Xanax I took right before the meeting.  I was a nervous shaking mess.  But I watched you do so well and so perfectly at something I know I would fall to pieces doing.  I nodded to Kelly that the man busting your balls, was going to be a part of what we're doing, because you had the right answers.  You weren't cocky about having all the answers, but understanding and caring about giving the man the answers he needed.  Kelly even whispered how "you were doing SO WELL."

I can't say enough, Mike, of how TRULY TRULY TRULY proud I am of you.  And I'm not saying it as your wife because I have to, but saying it as your friend, too, because it's true.  I got to see my husband in the role he was meant to have.  No experience running a multi-million dollar company?  You get to have it now, babe.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Here's The Bed

You wanted to see the bed...

Ta Dah!!!!

Farrah's new bed to arrive right before her third Birthday.


Another Milestone...

I know it's a little early to talk about Farrah's third birthday, but here I am writing about it a whole 8 days before the big day.  She is so excited.  I explained to her, "Sweetheart, when you start to see Xmas lights everywhere and you see Santa around, know it's almost your birthday!" "WOTTT?!!!"  She has learned how to hold up three fingers.  However, she knows better not to lie about her age.  She tells people, "I'm gonna be freeeee" (that's three in Farrah language).

So, other than the fact that my "Kitten" or "Face" or my sweet little baby girl is turning 3, she has moved on from another stage in her life.  Her present that her Mommy and Daddy got her today was her brand new "Big girl" bed.  Yes, my daughter has been in her beautiful crib these past 3 years of her life, which has turned out to be excellent for her.  Her crib is white, lacy, and round.  Very unique and very special. Her Daddy picked it out for her but also for me.  It was a surprise for me.  He let me in on the secret when he had been working on her room.  However, he gave me a sneak peak so that I wouldn't be upset with his choice.  I couldn't have been more happy.  He wanted nothing but the absolutely best of the best for his little girl, and so she got it.  Her crib held up so long and Farrah never became a "climber".  She always stayed in her bed.  She has done a little bit of damage over the years by chewing on it, kicking it, having a temper tantrum in it while jumping up and down, to the point now it wobbles with very little effort.  Sooooo, in effort to keep our child safe....a new bed it is!

I'm excited for her, but inside a little saddened.  She's growing up SO fast.  She has been going to pre-preschool with Gamma Jan and Boppy Poppy for the last couple of months.  She's drawing, doing puzzles, counting, and her vocabulary is growing more rapidly than ever expected (but I expected it).  So, being the little smarty pants that she is, she and I look online for new beds for her.  Anytime I turn on my laptop, she asks to look at beds.  She tells me the ones she likes and is sure to point out the ones that don't interest her at all, whatsoever.

She is getting a Cinderella Canopy bed.  It's simple, yet a little elegant and not too over the top.  But I loved growing up with a Canopy bed.  It didn't feel right that she should go from something so beautiful to something that wouldn't make her jaw drop.  It's a tubular steel bed formed to make wheels at each end and the top comes together so I can purchase a large piece of chauffon to hang elegantly.  Am I reinforcing the "princess" complex?  Probably, but not as much as I could in the next year or two.  THAT bed will be freaky cool.

So, she's graduated from the crib and will be into her new bed in a matter of days.  Again, this stings in my heart, but it also radiates me with pure joy and happiness that the look on her face will be that of complete amazement.  Because we paid attention and picked out the one she wanted.  I can't wait!

But...a small part of me can. : )

Happy third Birthday, Farrah Raquelle Moody

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Um, I Don't Know

There are times that Mike and I don't keep an eye on every single thing she does.  However, we are good enough parents to at least take the time to shout out, "Farrah!!! What are you doing??!!"  Sometimes she responds with an accurate answer, explaining that she's watching a movie, playing with her ponies, or reading a book (yes, she reads now).  But! If she says, "Um...I don't know!" we know we are in trouble.  I've learned the hard way "I don't know" means she does know what she's doing and that it's not good whatever it is.  One time, that was her answer and I accepted it for what it was.  Just an answer.  She stopped whatever it was she was doing and came upstairs with me to get ready for bed.  Later, I went back downstairs to get something from the kitchen and discovered what her "I don't know" was.  It was her digging through a drawer and discovering a bag of spaghetti and dumping it on the floor.  Not in whole pieces, no!  She likes to make her messes just that much more fun for me to clean up.  She was sure to break the dried spaghetti into tiny little pieces.  Thanks.  Last night's "I don't know" was interesting.  She found the spoon and bowl full of the bathroom.  Yes, it was the toilet brush and the toilet.  She put little pieces of toilet paper in the bowl and was busy stirring.  She took the brush out and put it back in over and over again being sure to cover the entire floor with the water.

"Um, I don't know" is never a good thing.

She knows.

She knows.