Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Mike

This blog is about you, Mike.  You have been slaving for days (really, for months) on the Fuzion Mobile program to get a little monster of a business off the ground and running.  We have several people who are putting a lot of time and energy into this, but you are who I see everyday, so it is you who I am writing about.
You work from home because you know how important it is to stay focused on your project.  And you really do!  The last few days, you have locked yourself in your office and virtually glued your ass to your office chair.  The only time you've moved is to just get a change of scenery by moving your computer to a different location in the house.  I am surprised your eyesight isn't completely failing from staring at a computer screen all day. You've written so much for the people to better understand what exactly Fuzion Mobile is all about, and when doing that, you've dissected all that you've written and rewritten it again!
I pointed out last night that you worked yourself to the point of blowing a massive blood vessel in your left eyeball.  That's like "Xtreme Working"!!!  You went without a shower for two days straight.  So, this morning I rubbed your furry head and kissed your prickly face with nothing but pride in my heart and sympathy for the sheer exhaustion I know you're experiencing.  Type, type, type, print, print, print, corrections, phone calls, web conferencing, deligating, and trying to sneak in a hug or two from your girls.
I've watched the sadness in your eyes because of the sacrafices you've had to make with your family.  But I know this is important and who you are doing this for.  She loves you so much, and who knew a 3 year old (tomorrow) would understand that daddy has work to do but it's all good?  She gets it!  And in the meantime she gets her wrestling matches with you and gets to jump off your back and cuddle up with you.  She LOVES that!  I love that!

And, then there's moments like tonight...
I watched you in a moment where you shined!  After the long nights, running on 6 hours of sleep (if that), and the blood, sweat, and tears; it all came together for this moment.  The constant pressure on you to get it done and the weight of the world on your shoulders if you didn't, and you still managed to be cool, calm, and collected throughout the whole thing.

I wanted to jump out of my seat and start clawing and screaming, because one of the investors was "busting your balls".  While he questioned you and your abilities I wanted to scream, "Because he is perfect for this job!!! Because he cares so much!!!  Because he wants everyone to be successful!!!  Because he doesn't want to nor intend to let anyone down!!!"  But, thank god for that little bit of Xanax I took right before the meeting.  I was a nervous shaking mess.  But I watched you do so well and so perfectly at something I know I would fall to pieces doing.  I nodded to Kelly that the man busting your balls, was going to be a part of what we're doing, because you had the right answers.  You weren't cocky about having all the answers, but understanding and caring about giving the man the answers he needed.  Kelly even whispered how "you were doing SO WELL."

I can't say enough, Mike, of how TRULY TRULY TRULY proud I am of you.  And I'm not saying it as your wife because I have to, but saying it as your friend, too, because it's true.  I got to see my husband in the role he was meant to have.  No experience running a multi-million dollar company?  You get to have it now, babe.

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