Friday, October 17, 2008


Tuesday was a decent enough day. I was productive at work and enjoyed a good hard workout with Mike. Mike had to head over to a friends house to check on it while he's out of town and Farrah and I decided to go home. I was just driving down the main road of Smokey Point and was slowly inching up on the railroad tracks to turn left to get home, then CRASH!!! I was hit from behind, and hard. My head had hit my headrest very hard and I hung onto my horn to get anyone's attention as I was unsure of what had just happened. The worst part? Farrah was in the car with me and was whimpering and looked scared to death. I had to of asked her 10 times if she was okay, and I always got a nervous, "uh huh." I immediately called 911 and watched as the person who hit me coasted up the hill and ultimately went into the ditch. I was very confused by this. The dispatcher asked if everyone was okay, I said that I was but was unsure of my little girl since she really couldn't tell me. I called Mike and scared the bejesus out of him, but assured him we were fine. He turned around and headed for us. I then got out of my car to check on Farrah and then looked at the damage. Holy shit. It's pretty bad. I yelled, "Are you f**king kidding me?!!!" The girl who hit me just watched from clear on the other end of the road. Good thing she was far. I was livid.

The police and fire trucks arrived, only they were only attending to the girl who hit me. I was pissed, again. I had called. I had requested the fire trucks and medics to take a look at my kid. I sat there bewildered. Finally, after gesturing my disapproval, a police officer was on his way over. He got my statement, took my driver's license and insurance info, and ultimately called over a fireman to take a look at Farrah. I was told she might end up with some bruising, but she would be okay. Within 20 minutes of the collision, my neck and traps started to tighten up. I asked the officer if that was normal and he said I probably have whiplash. Yay. As I continued to stand there, it continued to get more uncomfortable, and then Farrah started to scream that she needed a diaper and that she was hungry. I was there for a good 45 minutes. Mike finally showed up and the officer told me to go ahead and go home. He had all the info he needed and she had insurance.

The rest of the night I was real spacey and continued to take care of Farrah as usual. Didn't think that I should just not do anything at all. When I finally was ready to go to bed, I was real sore. I iced my back and took 4 ibuprofen. It was hard to sleep, but it was to be expected.

I went to our friend who is a chiropractor for xrays and adjustments. Farrah got checked to. My xrays showed that I was a mess. My neck is straight up and down rather than a nice little curve. All my muscles are inflamed. Ultimately, the fireman was wrong. Farrah did not simply end up getting bruises from her straps. Her whole demeanor changed. She would not leave my side and wouldn't let go of me. Not only that, she has had persistent diarrhea. She is scared and stressed. She has been able to get back into the car without issues, but I believe we both looked scared to death when we looked at each other after the crash that it worried her. It has been sad for me, but she is doing better.

Lastly, the condition of my car. Not pretty. I was driving between 5-10 mph and the gal didn't slow up at all in an area that changed from 50 to 35 mph. Part of the back end of my car has been pushed to the right. I lost a light and part of my bumper is gone. The cop said that she told him she had "a medical emergency". I, on the other had, told the officer that she probably wasn't paying attention, hit me, then passed out when she saw what she hit. My dad and I have a bet going. He said it will probably cost $2500. I laughed at this silly guess. I know it will be no less than $5000. This, hopefully, is easy with the insurance companies.

All in all, Tuesday ended up actually being pretty shitty.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Time For Another Gross One

I have a nose ring. It is new and I love it. However, it is difficult at times to get used to it especially after getting over a nasty little cold. The worst thing that I have discovered with having my nose ring, other than the occasional pushing it into my septum and making my eyes water, is knowing that I have a giant booger up there just dying to get out. It is, of course, my job to remove the booger. I'll blow my nose and nothing happens. I gently move the ring around on the outside to see if maybe it will loosen it up and ultimately jar it loose, but it does not. What other option do I have? The finger. I HAVE to!!! This is a somewhat impossible task. Why, you ask? Because, when you have a cold and you're blowing your nose, or spraying nasal spray up your nose, or taking sudephed to dry out your nose, it makes a type of glue up your nose. Eventually, your snot begins to wrap its way around the nose ring and ultimately dries there. I believe I spent a good 15 minutes with my finger up my nose trying to untangle the mess around the inside of my nose and glued to the ring. I did this while driving, of course, because everyone knows you're invisible in your car. It took a lot of hard work, but there was success at the end of those 15 minutes.

I'm sure, what's left of my cold will be wrapped around and dried out inside my nose in the morning. My finger can hardly wait.


Watched the VP debates. I wonder if the Republican party gets embarrassment chills when Palin speaks, or do they plug their ears when she does so it's not so awful. God, I wish I had plugged my ears. Honestly, didn't understand much that came out of her mouth. But, she's pretty. So that's okay.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

OMG, What Have I Done

So, I was watching CNN and the Rachel Maddow show was on. During her show, a guy was on talking about a website that tracks who has been Googling your name. Cool, right? Mike and I immediately jumped online on our own computers, curious about any people out there that might be remotely interested in us. When I went to the site, it said there had been 6 women and 4 men who recently had looked me up. One of which was a male, 33. Have no clue. Mike looked up his stalkers and found 12 women and 6 men (if I remember correctly). We were shouting back and forth about our fans and chose to type in our personal info. By doing this, we were hoping that the website would discontinue waving the carrot out in front of our noses and let us know who was searching for us. Nope. $5 a month for a year. What then? Are we sure they are going to share REAL names? Anyway, it also offered a site ( to also see if anyone has searched for us. Mind you, this was purely out of curiosity, not personal obsession. Well, this time no one was looking for me. My feelings were hurt. Mike had quite a few from his high school. Lucky. Well, I figured it was a little like MySpace, so I decided to post a photo (a flattering photo, especially if it was going to be high school people looking). Big mistake. Within minutes, some dude commented on my photo, "Yummy." I felt violated. Delete. Delete. Delete. A couple of minutes later, it said 2 other men were checking out my profile (which only said home town and high school). Holy crap, no thanks psychos. Delete!

I am no longer a member of My membership lasted a whole 10 minutes.

I know you want to look to see who is Googling your name, but consider this your warning.

You'll do it anyway.