Wednesday, October 01, 2008

OMG, What Have I Done

So, I was watching CNN and the Rachel Maddow show was on. During her show, a guy was on talking about a website that tracks who has been Googling your name. Cool, right? Mike and I immediately jumped online on our own computers, curious about any people out there that might be remotely interested in us. When I went to the site, it said there had been 6 women and 4 men who recently had looked me up. One of which was a male, 33. Have no clue. Mike looked up his stalkers and found 12 women and 6 men (if I remember correctly). We were shouting back and forth about our fans and chose to type in our personal info. By doing this, we were hoping that the website would discontinue waving the carrot out in front of our noses and let us know who was searching for us. Nope. $5 a month for a year. What then? Are we sure they are going to share REAL names? Anyway, it also offered a site ( to also see if anyone has searched for us. Mind you, this was purely out of curiosity, not personal obsession. Well, this time no one was looking for me. My feelings were hurt. Mike had quite a few from his high school. Lucky. Well, I figured it was a little like MySpace, so I decided to post a photo (a flattering photo, especially if it was going to be high school people looking). Big mistake. Within minutes, some dude commented on my photo, "Yummy." I felt violated. Delete. Delete. Delete. A couple of minutes later, it said 2 other men were checking out my profile (which only said home town and high school). Holy crap, no thanks psychos. Delete!

I am no longer a member of My membership lasted a whole 10 minutes.

I know you want to look to see who is Googling your name, but consider this your warning.

You'll do it anyway.


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