Thursday, October 02, 2008

Time For Another Gross One

I have a nose ring. It is new and I love it. However, it is difficult at times to get used to it especially after getting over a nasty little cold. The worst thing that I have discovered with having my nose ring, other than the occasional pushing it into my septum and making my eyes water, is knowing that I have a giant booger up there just dying to get out. It is, of course, my job to remove the booger. I'll blow my nose and nothing happens. I gently move the ring around on the outside to see if maybe it will loosen it up and ultimately jar it loose, but it does not. What other option do I have? The finger. I HAVE to!!! This is a somewhat impossible task. Why, you ask? Because, when you have a cold and you're blowing your nose, or spraying nasal spray up your nose, or taking sudephed to dry out your nose, it makes a type of glue up your nose. Eventually, your snot begins to wrap its way around the nose ring and ultimately dries there. I believe I spent a good 15 minutes with my finger up my nose trying to untangle the mess around the inside of my nose and glued to the ring. I did this while driving, of course, because everyone knows you're invisible in your car. It took a lot of hard work, but there was success at the end of those 15 minutes.

I'm sure, what's left of my cold will be wrapped around and dried out inside my nose in the morning. My finger can hardly wait.


Watched the VP debates. I wonder if the Republican party gets embarrassment chills when Palin speaks, or do they plug their ears when she does so it's not so awful. God, I wish I had plugged my ears. Honestly, didn't understand much that came out of her mouth. But, she's pretty. So that's okay.

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