Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Eye Ball Hurts

Ah, yes...a migraine.  Mother Nature's way of saying, "What?  You've had a really rough day?  Well, let's just add a little something extra to wrap up your evening.  How about I jackhammer a nail behind your left eye?  Sound good?"

No.  It sounds really effed up and totally rude and inconsiderate.

I already know I'm having a shitty day.  It's awful when I get a migraine on top of my shitty day to simply remind me that my day was shitty, still is shitty, and will continue to be shitty until I wake up the next day....and even then, the day can turn into a two-day-shitty-day.  Awesome.

So, it is almost 9 and I'm getting ready to go to bed with a big 'ol cup of caffeine and aspirin.  Hope I get to fall asleep and start fresh tomorrow.

A Day

What?  And today started

I did something today that is so not me.  Anyone who really knows me, knows it is completely against my grain to start up any type of confrontation whatsoever.  But I did.  It was necessary and God damn it, it was time for me to explode after a LONG time of keeping shitty thoughts to myself.  Unfortunately, for the woman who got it from me...she might never be the same.

You know the times when you think after an incident takes place that irritates the shit out of you, you privately say something you wish you'd said?

I said it.

I had just got off the phone having a conversation that bugged the hell out of me, sitting in my car at the gas station, filling up my tank.  Then I looked in my rearview mirror and saw something that got my blood to a very high boiling point.  A gross 40-50 something year old woman was pumping gas behind my car with a lit cigarette hanging out of her mouth and ashes falling to the ground.  This is not the first time I've seen this in my life, but it was the first time I flipped out on someone about their freakin' stupidity.

I got out of my car and this is the craziness of me that happened...

Me:  You know what would be awesome?  Is if you would put out your fucking cigarette when pumping gas!!!

Gross Dumb-Ass Lady:  Oh,


What the Hell has happened to me???  I am not that way, but maybe I need to be.  I felt weird afterward, but I also felt good about it.  Too many times I've stood back and watched people do really dumb shit and done nothing about it but bitch about it later.  What good does that do?  None.

But, that lady will probably never forget that someone called her out publicly on her poor choice that put my life and others' in danger.

Or she will because she might have been high as shit.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Holy hell, there is a lady who comes into this coffee shop who talks at a very unreasonable volume.  VERY unreasonable.  When she's around, I'm not sure if she's having a conversation with the person she's sitting with or with me.  Whenever she shows up, my brain screams, "NOOOOOO!!!!"  She's in the field of marketing.  How do I know?  Because she told me...without telling me.  She told everyone without telling them.  She is obnoxious and terribly distracting.  I can't even write a good blog about her because her nails-on-chalkboard-voice is giving me a bloody nose from the brain damage I'm receiving from her.  I think I'm dying.

I'm dead.