Friday, January 29, 2010

In General...

...people are funny.  I have been hooked, lately, on 5 websites that I like to check almost nightly.  They put a smile on my face and I often LOL (that's "laugh out loud", mom, since I know you're reading this).  They are all sites of people making fun of each other or themselves.  I love it!  Things are so serious in the world right now, let alone what we all deal with on a personal level at home or at work.  It's nice to see that people, in general, have a good sense of humor.  Here are the sites that I heart so much:

This one is rad, simply because they are photos of real people in real photos looking really awful.  We've all been there and had that family photo taken that you cringe when you walk by it, but our parents thought it would be a nice idea to go to "Penny's" and wear the same shirts and get our hair all done.  I will be contacting my parents to get copies of some of the professional portraits we had done to post on this site.  I could be FAMOUS with how amazingly awful some of the pictures are. Yeah, remember Glamour Shots? I did it, I wore the borrowed leather jacket, I held the collar up, I had big poofy hair, and yes, I looked like I was forty even though I was only 15.  Don't worry, I WILL be posting a picture of this soon.  In the meantime, here is a picture of someone else's family to give you an idea of how wonderful the website is.

Seriously, read his shirt.  She thinks his cocaine shirt is Hil-lar-i-ous.  What the what?!!!  
But who wouldn't choose that shirt to wear in a family photo?

Next site:

These are little slices of heaven taken from the popular Facebook pages of complete strangers.  Why is it so funny?  Usually the irony in everything.  People are funny because they are dumb.  But the humor is usually coming from the friends of someone who has posted something ridiculous and everyone pokes fun.  It's very hard to explain if you are unfamiliar with how Facebook works, but I'll just say, my favorite parts are the ones where someone posts something profound, inspiring, or simply uplifting, then one of their jack ass friends points out their shitty grammar or spelling difficulties, completely taking away from what the "poster" was trying to convey to the masses.  Love that.

Simple and to the point.  People ruin other people's photos by somehow sneaking in to the, otherwise, normal picture being taken.  Nuff said.

This site isn't the best of the best, but it is a good one to go to.  They are actual real estate listings that people have felt the photos taken of these people's homes have been deemed "awesome" to be on this site.  And by "awesome" I mean AWESOME.  When visiting this site, you have to read the captions and comments.  But here are a few pictures from the site to give you an idea of the type of listings real estate agents are taking on and trying to sell the shit out of!
This one was titled "Haunted Barbie Mansion"

"Crime Scene House"

"Shag Bed"

And finally, I saved the best for last.  Thank you, Mike, for sharing this, as well as most of the above sites with me.  They make me laugh.  Hard.

This is a site you have to go to, to fully experience its hilarity.  It's full of awesome.  In the meantime, I have attached a link to a clip that is WONDERFUL.  Be sure to look for the word "FAIL" on the pictures on the site and why that photo "failed".  Always funny.

Monday, January 18, 2010


We had dinner from Taco Time.  That's not the story, though.  The story is what I ordered and how I went about ordering it.

First, I ordered Mike's dinner.  Then I ordered mine:

"I'd like a Fish Taco."

"Okay, a Fish Taco."

"Yeah, but I want it with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese."

"Okay, so a Fish Taco with lettuce and tomatoes."

"Did you hear that I wanted my Fish Taco with cheese?"

This is where I started to laugh.  I know the girl taking my order left out the part with "cheese" on purpose just to hear me say "Fish Taco with Cheese".  For God's sake, why wouldn't she???  I would totally have made the person repeat such a nasty thing.

Sounds to me like Taco Time isn't necessarily always "Good, Good, Fresh, Fresh."

I forgot to mention that I also ordered Sour Cream with it.  Does dinner get much dirtier than that?

P.S.  Totally unrelated side note.  Today, after dropping Farrah off at Jen's I was driving to work and noticed a GIANT bald eagle flying above my car with something fairly large (larger than a mouse and not quite a dog) in its claws.  It was kicking and fighting to free itself and clearly was unable.  Don't know if it was a cat or a rabbit (pretty sure it was a rabbit, though), but it was fascinating.  Then another bald eagle followed that one.  While it was sad for the creature on its way to meet its most definite death, I was in awe with nature.  I was raised to always pause in the presence of hawks, but mostly bald eagles.  There times my parents would pull over on the side of the road so that all of us kids in the car could see and appreciate the beauty of the big birds.  I loved that part of my childhood.  Back then, the bald eagle was an endangered species.  Now, they're protected and we're starting to see more and more.  I loved that moment today.

Not as much as the Fish Taco with cheese and sour cream.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Mike is getting ready to head out tomorrow morning for Vegas.  He's going there on business at the CES convention.  This is one of those trips where he knows he'll be meeting with "VIPs" and therefore, needs to be prepared.  So, this week we went and got him 2 new suits, new dress shoes, socks, and several dress shirts.  If you know my husband, then you know this is not something you would ever find in our closet.  When I met Mike, it was white t-shirts, blue jeans, and a baseball cap.  That was when his profession was strictly decks.  Then, his passion moved on to the gyms and the gym business and the fashion was sweatpants and colored t-shirts.  Now, with what he is working on, he needs to put his best foot forward and it must be wearing fancy shoes.  Mike had his suits taylored.  It was very necessary.  His pants were HUGE when he tried them on.  They had to be, in order to accommodate his massive legs (they're very muscly).  They had to practically rebuild the pants for him.  His jacket also had to have some work done on it.  He has a large back and broad shoulders.  Well, they finished the job quickly for Mike so he would have it in time for this convention.  And... he modeled the black suit with the black shirt and the black shoes.


Just had to share the sexiness, which is my husband.  Smokin' hot.

Shit!  He's going there without me!!!

Well, I'm already excited for him to come back, wear his suit, and take me out to a dinner where I can match him in a nice dress.  Hint hint, Mr. Moody.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Am I Actually Watching This???

There's a show (that just happened to be on) that I'm watching and will be turning off shortly.  It's called, "Conveyor Belt of Love".  The coincidence is Farrah and I went to the Sushi Belt tonight for dinner!  However, this show is not that cool.  No.  Instead of delicious sushi treats, it's MEN on a conveyor belt.  They slowly wrap around the 5 women while they explain a lil' about themselves and why the women should hold up a sign that says, "interested".  Sometimes, they say, "Not Interested."  Mostly, it's "Not Interested".  This show makes me soooooo uncomfortable.  The dudes are dancing, singing, holding dogs as props, doing magic tricks, and simply acting like psychos.  Some of the guys are cute, but I'm pretty sure they're not interested in the girls, but instead, interested in the other guys.  I think it's funny when the girls pick the guys that clearly don't want to be with the girls.  So, I'm now going to turn it off so I can relax rather than feeling incredibly awkward for both the women and the men on the show.
Maybe this show should have a guy holding sushi!  That would be a great show.