Monday, January 18, 2010


We had dinner from Taco Time.  That's not the story, though.  The story is what I ordered and how I went about ordering it.

First, I ordered Mike's dinner.  Then I ordered mine:

"I'd like a Fish Taco."

"Okay, a Fish Taco."

"Yeah, but I want it with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese."

"Okay, so a Fish Taco with lettuce and tomatoes."

"Did you hear that I wanted my Fish Taco with cheese?"

This is where I started to laugh.  I know the girl taking my order left out the part with "cheese" on purpose just to hear me say "Fish Taco with Cheese".  For God's sake, why wouldn't she???  I would totally have made the person repeat such a nasty thing.

Sounds to me like Taco Time isn't necessarily always "Good, Good, Fresh, Fresh."

I forgot to mention that I also ordered Sour Cream with it.  Does dinner get much dirtier than that?

P.S.  Totally unrelated side note.  Today, after dropping Farrah off at Jen's I was driving to work and noticed a GIANT bald eagle flying above my car with something fairly large (larger than a mouse and not quite a dog) in its claws.  It was kicking and fighting to free itself and clearly was unable.  Don't know if it was a cat or a rabbit (pretty sure it was a rabbit, though), but it was fascinating.  Then another bald eagle followed that one.  While it was sad for the creature on its way to meet its most definite death, I was in awe with nature.  I was raised to always pause in the presence of hawks, but mostly bald eagles.  There times my parents would pull over on the side of the road so that all of us kids in the car could see and appreciate the beauty of the big birds.  I loved that part of my childhood.  Back then, the bald eagle was an endangered species.  Now, they're protected and we're starting to see more and more.  I loved that moment today.

Not as much as the Fish Taco with cheese and sour cream.

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