Monday, January 04, 2010

Am I Actually Watching This???

There's a show (that just happened to be on) that I'm watching and will be turning off shortly.  It's called, "Conveyor Belt of Love".  The coincidence is Farrah and I went to the Sushi Belt tonight for dinner!  However, this show is not that cool.  No.  Instead of delicious sushi treats, it's MEN on a conveyor belt.  They slowly wrap around the 5 women while they explain a lil' about themselves and why the women should hold up a sign that says, "interested".  Sometimes, they say, "Not Interested."  Mostly, it's "Not Interested".  This show makes me soooooo uncomfortable.  The dudes are dancing, singing, holding dogs as props, doing magic tricks, and simply acting like psychos.  Some of the guys are cute, but I'm pretty sure they're not interested in the girls, but instead, interested in the other guys.  I think it's funny when the girls pick the guys that clearly don't want to be with the girls.  So, I'm now going to turn it off so I can relax rather than feeling incredibly awkward for both the women and the men on the show.
Maybe this show should have a guy holding sushi!  That would be a great show.

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