Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This kid is weird

And completely uncool. Don't believe me? Just look up his interview with Jay Leno from tonight. As Mike put it, "he's so affected." I had to plug my ears through the interview so as to not go into severe embarrassment convulsions.  Sorry fans of Atticus Shaffer.  I think he's already a "has been" and he just got started in his career.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Code Words

Tonight's conversation with our daughter:

Farrah: Can I sleep with you guys tonight?

Me: No, tonight we're going to let you watch a movie in your room because we don't want to watch it in our room.

Farrah: Well, maybe I don't want to watch a movie tonight.

Me: Well, really, Mommy and Daddy want to have some privacy tonight.

Farrah: Oh, I KNOW MOMMY!!! I can watch my movie, and when you and Daddy are done having sssssprivacy, I can come in and sleep in your room. THAT'S A GOOD IDEA, HUH?!!

That's right, Farrah almost had a Freudian slip and didn't even know it. Also, when our IT guy, Jason and his girlfriend Sonja, came home. Farrah announced, "HI SONJA! HI JASON! AFTER MOMMY AND DADDY ARE DONE HAVING PRIVACY, I GET TO SLEEP IN THEIR ROOM!!!"

Pretty sure they figured through mine and Mike's loud laughter, that she didn't realize she meant "sex" and was announcing it to everyone (which in turn, I am doing here).

Also, another Farrah moment from this evening... Mike was using the bathroom tonight. All I could hear from Farrah was, "Ewwww. EWWWWW!!! Daddy is gross!!!"

She makes us laugh out loud. :)