Saturday, December 29, 2007

When Animals Attack

Last night, Mike and I went to a bar with some friends to celebrate a birthday. It was a lot of fun. We decided it was my turn to get to drink and not be responsible for the transportation of the Moodys. So, there I was having some delicious Washington Apples. Over time, more and more people started to arrive. More and more men started to arrive. Why is it that guys seem to think if they touch you, grab you, or say overly forward comments to you, they think you'll drop the guy you came with and will go home with them? I believe that's probably why they're single in the first place. Well one guy walked in and started to head towards me as I was walking back to the bar for another Washington Apple. He decided to grab me around the waist, in front of Mike, mind you. Without a second thought, my drunken little muscles managed to shove the guy off me as I said, "Uh, No thanks!" I laughed hard at the fact that I was able to get this fairly big guy off of me before he could finish his off color sentence. Mike thinks that I pushed myself off of him, but I prefer my version of the story much better. Either way, I won. Probably the worst part of it though, was the guy was heading for our table of friends. He was part of our clan and we had never met him before! Our friends at the table looked at Mike and said he looked like he was about to kill someone when that happened. The guy who sat down at our table felt horrible. He said, "Of course I decide to hit on the wife of the biggest guy at the table." He apologized and bought Mike a beer. That's about all I remember about that night. I am still recouping from my beverages and it is 2:30 PM. Pretty sad.

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