Sunday, December 09, 2007


Farrah met Jolly Old Saint Nicholas yesterday. Unfortunately, the line was so incredibly long that by the time we made it all around (picture the line for Santa in the movie, A Christmas Story), she was exhausted and had a wet diaper. We saw several young families and many babies that were also having their first Santa experience. It was too cute. There was a family of 5 little girls wearing the same green jump suit. They were adorable. Many little girls were wearing the best dresses they had in their closet. So was our little girl. Mike and I had picked out a dress for her to wear for her pictures with Santa and for Christmas. It was our first time putting her in it, and we couldn't get over how perfect it was for her. It was a chocolate brown and a dark burgundy red. I went so far as to put a little mouse in her hair to get her curls to curl up. When we were at the middle of the line, Farrah was very restless. I let her walk around the mall near the line while Mike held our spot. This made her happy until I made her change directions. She was bored out of her mind. I know she was thinking, "There had better be something wonderful at the end of this or all hell is going to break loose." As we neared Mr. Clause, she was extremely fussy. We saw three families take their kids up together for a group photo and watched the youngest in the middle shriek in fear and discontent. It was funny for a moment, knowing that family was going to get some hysterical pictures, but then I thought about Farrah. What if she got scared of him? What if she freaked out and was scared to death? My heart ultimately started breaking for this poor little boy. After the parents tortured the child for a good two minutes they finally rescued him, the cheerleaders were next, and then Farrah. I placed her on Santa's lap and she just stared at him. Then she just stared at me and then just stared at her dad. No expression. None what-so-ever. She could have cared less. She didn't cry, she didn't whine, she didn't smile, she did nothing. Even as the girls behind the camera made funny noises to get her attention. Nothing. She just wasn't impressed. I think it's because she isn't quite aware that he sees her when she's sleeping, knows when she's awake, and knows if she's been bad or good. I'm sure her reaction will be a bit different when she realizes the power he has. Her picture turned out amazing regardless. When we were done, I reminded Santa of me sitting on his lap last year with a pregnant belly full of this little girl. I, of course, expected him to know who I was, but I don't think he did. It was super cool getting to experience that with Farrah and Mike. It's amazing watching your child experience something that will be a tradition for years to come but for the very first time. It was pretty cool.

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