Thursday, August 24, 2006

We Keep Going, And Going, And Going...

Today is my and Mike's 4 year wedding anniversary. I love it, but I it's not that amazing. People ask us how long we've been married and it seems so insignificant. 4 years. For some reason it feels so...weak. However, back on June 30th we celebrated our 9 year anniversary of being a couple. I love that! Almost a friggin' decade. That's pretty fantastic. The funny thing is, we usually don't celebrate our wedding anniversary. We prefer celebrating our relationship anniversary. We experienced so much in those first 5 years together and they were then followed by an incredible 4 more. I don't like to just celebrate the time we decided to sign a piece of paper giving me his last name and giving us both new titles (husband and wife). There was just so much happening in June that our anniversary came and went. We acknowledged it, but it wasn't the same. Tonight we're going to watch the dvd of our wedding with Alex. He hasn't seen it yet and I wanted him to get to see it on our anniversary. Mike and I thought that would be fun to do. We'll be going out for dinner on Sunday to celebrate both anniversaries.

The funny thing is I usually can't remember the date of this anniversary. I sometimes think it's the 26th. Weird. That's why I had the date engraved in Mike's wedding ring (so both of us wouldn't forget). Unfortunately, it doesn't fit him anymore so we have to guess until we find the ring to be reminded. Terrible.

To my wonderful husband,

Happy Anniversary, Honey. I love you more everyday. It seems impossible, but it is absolutely true. You are and always will be my favorite person.

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