Friday, August 04, 2006


So, last night I had my first pregnancy dream of my little girl. It was very fascinating. In my dream, I was in the shower and I began to feel the baby move quite a bit. I looked down and I saw my lower abdomen move around vigorously. It looked like a pig in a blanket. Mind you, in my dream I am the same size I am now, not looking extremely pregnant. As I watched my belly roll around I saw an arm poke out (not through the skin), then a leg, and finally her head. Her head pushed out and turned and looked up at me. I could see the outline of her whole face through my skin. I put my hands down and held her head and she spoke to me. She said, "I'm fearful of the delivery because I don't want to be squished." I then responded with, "You can't have any fear. We'll work together and get through it. It will be a breeze." Awesome. That's it. My first conversation with my daughter. I know how it sounds to other people sometimes when you share a dream that you thought was awesome. They usually think it just sounds weird. I loved it. In fact, when I shared it with one of my co-workers, she told me it was a good one. I cried. I'm a little emotional, but I did love it.

Also, my grandpa was in my dream. I am a firm believer when someone you love that passed away appears in your dreams, it is their way of telling you they are alright and they're just there to say hello. Needless to say, I was not eager to hear my alarm clock go off. I wanted to continue my dream. It was great.

I can hardly wait for my next conversation with my daughter.

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Mike Moody said...

You are fucking weird. AND CRAZY!!!!!