Thursday, August 31, 2006

Daddy's Little Girl

Yesterday we had our 4D ultrasound appointment. It was pretty fascinating and yet, frustrating. The technician had warned us that getting images was 2% him and 98% baby. Well, our baby is stubborn. She preferred keeping her face squished into my uterus the whole time we were there. She had a comfortable spot to nestle into and wasn't about to move for anyone. Mind you, the rest of her was all over the place. Her hands were wailing around and her legs were stretched out and kicking. However, when you get a 4D done, the whole point is to see how your little one is progressing and of course, get a peak at their face. That's about all we got. A peak. The technician was poking on my right side to try to jar her loose while Farrah's father was on my left poking. I was laughing hysterically because my belly was shaking like I was in the middle of a 9.0 earth quake because these two men were absolutely determined to get her to roll over and smile for the camera. (Did you notice that I titled this "Daddy's Little Girl"? Stubborn? Yes, I think so.) Mike kept saying, "C'mon." I'm pretty sure the wheels were spinning in his head as to how he plans to punish his daughter when she comes out for making him wait like that. I was thinking the poor thing was going to get shaken-baby-syndrome after a while.

What we had paid for was a two session package in order to get the early photos and follow them up with her progress before she is born. He felt bad that we didn't get a full view of her so he scheduled us for two more appointments. What a great guy. We will be going back two more times; once on September 26th and the next one will either be at the end of October or first part of November. We haven't quite decided. Well, here is a peak of our daughter. Keep in mind, I'm only 23 weeks so she is still wrinkly and weird looking because the fat hasn't been building up on her body to plump her up quite yet. I will post more when we get more.

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Anonymous said...

Cute Little Farrah!!!!!!!! An angel if ever I saw one!