Monday, August 07, 2006

Half Baked

It's a day early, buy I thought I'd share that I am halfway done with my pregnancy, meaning my girl is halfway on her way. Mike and I are doing what we can to enjoy the time we have left together just the two of us. I know we will still go out on dates and find opportunities to have some one on one time, but I've heard how tough it is to break away from a new baby. We'll have to toughen up.

Saturday, Mike, Alex, our friends Talon, Ashley, Eddie, and Jeremy and I went to see some ultimate fighting. It was pretty awesome. I'm not one who usually likes stuff like that, but we went to support a friend. It was very exciting and intense. Luckily, there wasn't a whole lot of blood, but there definitely was some. I hope to go to the next event which is at the end of September.

I looked at a couple SUVs this weekend. We need to look at getting a bigger "family car". We cart around so many kids, sometimes 4-5 at a time. If we ever want to do something as a family with me, Mike, Alex, Nick, Corey, and soon Baby Moo, we will have no more seats! Not only that, sometimes we have Nick and Corey's siblings over (Noah and Tori). If there's not enough room in the car and the little ones are wanting to come over, they can't because it's not safe. Anyhoo, hence the need for a bigger vehicle. I love having an SUV. I get shit from people sometimes because they push the idea of getting a mini van. Sorry, but no thanks. I'm not a big fan of the van. Grew up with one, I think that counts enough. I love my Lexus. It has always been such a reliable vehicle, so of course being the pretentious snob that I am, I want another. The one I've been drooling over is a bit pricey (not the priciest) but is crazy fully loaded. I also looked at the Volvo SUV. It was $3000 less, but much less to the car. There truly was no comparison. I'm going to keep on looking, though. I don't want to be completely married to a car with that price tag without seeing what other fun toys are out there. Fact is, even if I did end up getting the Lexus, it has so many cool and fun features, Mike would probably end up driving it more than me!

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Mike Moody said...

Kathy who are you kidding? You are a pretentious snob!

But because your boobs are huge I see past it.