Monday, August 28, 2006


Did I gain 100 pounds over night or what? I am soooooo physically exhausted. I feel weak. Seriously, this kinda sucks. It didn't hit me until a little over an hour ago. I can hardly hold my arms up for the phone. When I get up to fax something (the fax machine is literally 10 feet away) I feel like I just ran a friggin marathon. I'm not so much out of breath as I am feeling like jello. For instance, right now as I type this, my neck barely has the strength to hold my head up so it just sits tilted to the right. Typing requires me to hold my shoulders up so I don't do this: kdlksga;ljdlmlkdaglkadlkbkdkvbkldalw3iroijefdjlkafjkljdlkadf
Mike told me to have a protien shake and that should help. I am currently guzzling one down and seeing if that will work. We shall see. I don't necessarily feel like napping or anything, just floating in a pool so I have no weight on me. Aghhh. Boo hoo.

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