Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fun With Pillows

Any of you girls out there remember when you were younger and would prance around the mirror with a pillow under your shirt and pretend to be "in the family way?" I used to do that. In fact, I did it up until I conceived. I'm sure Mike thought there was something wrong with me. I would take it to the extent of not just sporting this look in front of my bedroom mirror, but walk downstairs through the house and start dinner, and sit on the couch and watch TV. I would casually walk around talking to Mike and picking things up around the house as if this were just a cute accessory like a new pair of earrings. I would wear my pregnancy pillow at times for over a good hour so I could see my profile whenever I walked past any mirror in the house. In fact, I'd get a good gander at myself when I would walk in front of anything that had a reflection such as a window or a shiny door knob.

Now, it's different, obviously. Now, when I'm in a bathroom in front of a mirror all I can say is, "weird," or "God, that is soooo weeeeird." When I look at my profile, my eyes don't just land on my belly. They are now checking out my ass. I believe when I would play dress up, I forgot to add a little pillow to my caboose. Mind you, it's not like it's grown that much and it's really not that bad, it's just...different. Let's just say, lunges will have to remain in my workout routine throughout and after my pregnancy for sure. It is very bizarre watching my body change. It used to be fun just throwing together my pregnancy dress-up look, but I always could go back to looking the way I did 15 minutes prior. Now, I will just keep growing. Keep in mind I am not complaining, not yet. Any of you that have been around me a lot will agree that the rate of my growth has been slow and then sudden. Like I've said in previous entries, I foresee much growth in the near future. It is scary. I am desperately excited about my daughter coming, but a little scared about the changes in my body. Oh well. It is to be expected.

On another note, I was lying down last night with Mike and had him watch my belly move around. It's almost like a weaker version of that crazy pregnancy dream I had (see WTF entry). She is certainly getting stronger. It reminds me a bit of the movie Alien minus the blood, gore, pain, and well...alien. I absolutely love it. I'm very excited for our 4D ultrasound appointment coming up. The time we are scheduled to go in is one of the times she is very active. I would love to see her playing in there on DVD. I promise to upload her picture when we get it.

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