Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It's getting a little difficult to bend over and pick things up. When I sit in my chair at my desk and need to pick something up that I've dropped, simply bending from the waist to get it isn't exactly the same anymore. Without warning, I let out a grunt. I also sound like I'm exhaling with a deep toned whine. I've started to swing my chair around so that I can pick up whatever I've dropped from my side rather than going straight down over my belly. Even hugs are a little more difficult. When I get a good loving hug from Mike, it feels like he's squeezing all the air out of my lungs and you can actually hear the air escaping. It always ends with a little squeak. I don't like hugging with my ass pointing out because it just looks and feels weird, but I believe that's what people will receive from now on. I'll let the boobs absorb all the pressure.

When I was doing squats at the gym last night, I could see my stomach doing that hanging thing. When I would squat, I could see the lower portion of my stomach dipping where it once didn't. So weird to see that. Also, last night there was a guy at the gym that knows Mike, but apparently not that well. He had shared with his girlfriend, "Wow, it looks like Mike's wife is putting on some weight." He then also shared it with someone who knows us both pretty well. "She's pregnant you idiot!" The guy told Mike this in confidence because it was kind of funny, but he didn't want me to know that he thought I was getting heavy. So what was the first thing Mike did when I walked past them? "Hey, Kathy, this guy thought you were getting fat! He didn't know you were pregnant." Poor guy. However, I laughed very hard at that. I'm sure there are quite a few people that have seen me at the gym over the years thinking, "What the hell happened to her? Has anyone told her what beer can do to your figure?" My condition is a little more obvious this week than it was 2-3 weeks ago. It did look like I was just carrying some extra poundage in my belly. I would walk around rubbing it a little to kind of give the signal of "baby inside - not fat". I'm sure people saw that and just thought I had shit cramps and I was just trying to rub them away. Who knows.

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