Friday, August 11, 2006


Yes, I know I've been writing a lot lately. This is primarily because I'm trying to document as much as I possibly can throughout this pregnancy so I can later share it with Farrah when she's older. So, from time to time there might be some odd things that you could give a rat's ass about reading, but keep in the back of your mind that this will also be for her to read later in her life. And, no, I will not go back and edit my foul language. It is who I am and she will know, love, and appreciate it. Hopefully.

On another note, I thought I'd share a couple things in my pregnancy I've been experiencing. First of all, I don't get heartburn. Yay! However, on a nightly basis when I'm lying down, I have to throw myself up as fast as I can so as to not... throw up. I get a bubble that inches it's way up my esophagus and I know if I don't sit up fast, the bubble will be followed by some remnants from dinner. Up chuck, if you will. This happens in some of the most embarrassing moments, too. It's timing always sucks. When Mike and I lie there in bed "talking", it's not uncommon for me to shove him away so I can quickly sit up and make that sound that cats do before they share a juicy fur ball in the middle of the hall or on your bed. I'm not barfing, I'm helping that little bubble out of my body. Again, I haven't experienced any morning sickness, food diversions, food cravings, or anything of the like. I just get these little reminders that my body is not my own right now. What's disappointing is when I'm trying to push that bubble out, you'd think with how quickly my body reacts to the discomfort you'd expect to hear some sort of monstrous explosion out of my mouth. Nope. Just a pop. The little bubble sneaks its way up to the back of my throat and pops. That's it.

Lately, I've also experienced what I believe is Braxton Hicks. When I go from a sitting position to standing, from time to time I get a little uncomfortable and my belly is as hard as a rock. At first I thought this was Farrah pushing with all her strength with her beefy muscles and strong bones, but then I remembered that she's the size of a yam and the muscles are just getting going and the bones are just getting harder. I decided to look it up online and found the definition for Braxton Hicks was in a nutshell what I was experiencing. Kinda cool. I have yet to know for sure until my next doctor's appointment on the 30th.

For the past week or so, Farrah has been pretty active and mostly during the day. Hooray! She almost never bugs me at night. I've only felt her a couple times around midnight, but then she sleeps. I hope that continues into the rest of my pregnancy and her infancy (I should be so lucky, right?). During the day when I'm at my desk, she'll start poking at me (like right now). I always feel it about an inch down from my belly button or an inch down and two inches to the left. That's her spot. When she is most active, though, is when I'm in my car rocking out to music. I've already told Mike to be prepared for a little dancer or musician in our family. We should start looking at dance studios for her to attend. Maybe it's too early, but you never know, we could have a prodigy on our hands!

One last thing. I had another weird dream the other night. I was in some church-like place where there were only women. Like a convent. There were about 100 ladies in their 60s. My mom was dragging me in and the women were all cheering for me, then grabbed me and put me on a table in the kitchen to give birth to my child that wasn't quite ready. I don't remember feeling anything, but then there was my mom holding my baby. Only, the baby was about the size of a Polly Pocket doll (those are about 3-4 inches tall). My mom had put a diaper on her that just looked like an origami triangle on her that was about 10 times too big. I remember thinking she wasn't quite done cooking yet. All the women in the room were still cheering for me and then quickly grabbed me and and showed me, my mom, and my daughter the door. That was it. Weird, I know, but I felt I needed to document even the most retarded of things.

I don't know how I feel about sharing that one. I think a little embarrassed.

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