Monday, July 31, 2006

It Hurts

My body is telling me to get ready for a growth spurt. My ligaments are tight and sore and my hips have been slightly cramping up. I haven't gained a lot of weight and my mom has warned me of the balloon effect. Holy lord, I don't want that to happen. Gradual is preferred. Just in case, I've been using the vitamin E oil like no one's business. Twice a day. I was using the cocoa butter for a while, but it seemed to just sit on top of my skin while the vitamin E absorbs real well. I'm hoping I can put off purchasing maternity clothes for a while longer. I did go into Motherhood Maternity at the Alderwood mall and what a joke that was. I was looking for a tank top. That's all. Nothing complicated. The type of tank tops they had there were ridiculous. They wouldn't even cover the belly! What the hell?!! I had to ask the girl behind the counter about this silly piece of clothing thinking maybe it had mistakenly been left here from Gap Kids. "Oh, the tank tops are designed that way with the intention that you would buy one of these blouses to go over the top." You've got to be shitting me. This was the weekend that it reached 100+ degrees. I reminded the girl of our weather forecast and asked if she thought it was realistic to make us layer when our body temperature is a degree or two higher than normal all the time. She looked at me like I was retarded. No, she was. She was about 17 years old and had never been pregnant nor had she had to get creative with her wardrobe to cover her new big belly. She didn't seem to understand that it isn't "cool" to show off this big bump of skin for the whole world to see. I hate showing skin like that. Yuck. I went down to Anchor Blue and bought several Tank Tops, T-shirts, and blouses that will last me for quite a while. They were inexpensive and long enough to cover me well into my 6th, 7th, and possibly 8th month (when I go shopping, I push the fabric out around the belly and the boobs so as to prepare for the inevitable). I love that the fashion of tunics is in right now. It makes my shopping less expensive and depressing. Now I just need to look at getting some jeans because the top button of mine were hanging on for dear life. I don't like to be cruel to my clothing. I figure if I'm nice to the clothes now, they'll be awfully forgiving when I get to wear them after my girl is born. There's always a little give and take in every relationship, even with your clothes.

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