Thursday, July 13, 2006

Books, Books, Books

I looked at my nightstand last night and realized that I have an enormous amount of reading to do. Not only have I decided to get myself several "How to be Pregnant" books, but so did my mom. There is a stack of about 6-7 books on my nightstand, 5 in my nightstand, 1 on the bathroom floor, and about 3-4 floating around downstairs in the living room. Those are just the baby books. I have also started reading a book my brother gave me, The Slaughter House Five, which I've been looking forward to, but I constantly get distracted from reading it and have only made it to chapter 3. (Sorry, Steve, I'm trying) I am also in the middle of reading Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting for the 5th time. Anytime I feel like the shit is piling up and it isn't all good, I grab that book to help put things back in perspective. I guess it's our Moody Bible.

What's funny, is I am actually reading EVERY single one of those books. They've all morphed into one. My baby, which has 50,001 names is forming finger prints and is floating around amniotic fluid like crazy. It will be the happiest baby on the block because it knows how to manifest good things in its life although it has to deal with the holocaust and WWII. It will have fabulous communication skills and will know how to use sign language to talk to us. Awesome.

Most of the books are the week by week pregnancy books. I grab each of them and read what week I'm at and compare each chapter. However, I realized last night that I might need to consider jumping ahead to find out what's going to happen to me 4-5 months from now instead of what to expect for the next week. By the time I reach the end of all of these books, I probably will have already had the baby and put it in preschool. I'm not one who likes to ruin an ending of a book by skipping ahead, but I'm pretty sure it will end with a big bloody mess in the hospital with a crying baby lying in my arms with my husband by my side. Maybe it won't end that way. Maybe the baby will be sleeping rather than crying. In any case, I have a lot of reading to do and not a whole lot of time left to do it. I still have to watch my birthing dvds, breast feeding dvds, and baby's 1st 3 months dvds. I know it seems early, but I'm pretty sure I'll be watching those horror movies more than 3-4 times. Time is going by so fast, I just realized we're almost half way there! Crap! I guess I'll just start getting to bed earlier and read about babies, watch movies about babies, and talk about babies and I'm sure I'll be ready. Right?

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EvieG said...

You will be MORE than ready! Time does seem to go by rather quickly, but by the end, when you can barely walk around because your baby is so huge, you will naturally want to rest more. And this will enable you to read whatever you still need to! Good job!