Monday, July 24, 2006

My Husband, My Hero

This weekend we went to Wenatchee with Alex and some friends. We had quite the little experience there. It was 106 on Saturday and 108 on Sunday. Sunday, we decided to go rafting down the Wenatchee River from Cashmere to Monitor which is about an hour long ride. It is an area that people go tubing because the rapids are very weak this time of the year. We had purchased 4 plastic 2 man rafts with ores and headed out. The first trip down was very fun. Mike and I tied our boats together and hung out while we worked together to paddle away from rocks and tree branches. When we got to the end, Mike and I decided we were definitely going to go again. We packed our stuff, drove down to the drop off point, tied ourselves together again and were off. As we were settling ourselves in we noticed a bridge up ahead and a LARGE concrete pillar in the middle. As we were trying to decide whether we were going to go to the left or right of it, the current pushed us so fast we had no choice but to hold on. BAM! We hit head-on into the pillar. Honestly, I was picturing us gently bumping into it a few times until the boats were pushed away from it like if we were in a lake or a pool. How silly of me to think that the massive water coming behind us would just settle down a bit, just long enough so Mike and I could get readjusted. Nope. Both of the front of our boats went straight up and flipped. Off I went. The water was shallow enough that I could hit rocks to try to slow down. Mike had also been flipped out and suddenly turned into a real life Superman. He jammed his feet into some big rocks to brace himself, grabbed not only both boats, but one of my flip flops! He was standing there in the rushing water calling for me. I hadn't answered right away because I had gone under for a moment. First thing I said was, "ARE YOU OKAY?!!!" I worry about him like he worries about me. Can't help it. He told me to grab the boats. I went to grab it and a nice big splash went into my mouth and then I began choking and let go of the boat. At that moment, the thought, "Well, shit, this is how I go. Great. I'm going to be on the news as one of those stupid people who died in some tragic summer accident. This sucks." Mike managed to get to where I was and I found a rock I could push off of. I jumped on the raft and felt like Rose in Titanic. Here I was floating on the door while my husband floated in the icy water. He flipped one of the boats over so I could get in. Mind you, the whole time this was happening we were continuing to float down stream. Also, our friends, Talon and Ashley hauled ass to catch our ores and one of us, if need be. When Mike hopped in his boat, we both were making sure the other was okay. We both started laughing and saying Holy Shit! It obviously wasn't our time to go. I thanked Mike several times for saving my life, because he really did. He used his super-human strength to pull us out of danger and kept a cool head to instruct me what to do so I was safe. Did that experience make us never want to go again? Hell, no. We're looking into getting a bigger, stronger, and better boat that more people can fit in. An unbreakable and unflipable water craft. I can quite honestly say I can hardly wait to do it again. At least we know what to expect. Mike said I have to wear a life jacket next time, though. Yeah right. Those will be lovely tan lines. If I'm going to go out, I'm going to have sexy bikini tan lines doing it. I've already been given a ration of shit for going out there in the first place being pregnant, but give me a break. If you saw the rapids, you'd laugh. We just happened to get stuck in a bad area. I just love doing stuff like that with my husband, family, and friends. Plus, what a great exciting story to tell, right?

On another note, Mike received a text from his sister, Evie, who by the way, had her baby boy Oliver Z Graham on July 17th, saying that her son has his uncle's feet. Oh, no. Have you seen Mike's feet? I like to say Bilbo Baggins comes to mind when I see his feet. You know Bilbo, the Hobbit? Or perhaps picture in your mind, Fred Flinstone or Barny Rubble. Them are some feet. They stop cars, for crying out loud! What we're talking about is a somewhat normal size foot, with somewhat normal size toes until you reach the big toe. Whoa. That sucker is huge. Hey, seriously though. You can't knock it too much because it was those massive feet and that gigantic toe that probably saved both of us in that river. He was able to dig those suckers into the rocks, pebbles, sand, and mud like Fred would when he needed to come to a complete stop in a hurry. If it weren't for those feet and I suppose his strong back, strong arms, strong legs, and total determination to not let me float away and die, I probably wouldn't be writing this awesome blog. I thank my husband, Mike, again and again for being my husband, my best friend, my mentor, and now new to the list, my hero.

Oh, yeah...our sunglasses stayed on throughout that whole ordeal. Awesome.


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