Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Let It Snow!!!

I'm posting this one a bit late, but what the hell. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Mike, Nick, and I went to our house in Wenatchee with our friends Ed, Amanda, and their daughter Madison. We had got the kids all jazzed about playing in the snow when we arrived, but were disappointed to see that it was blue skies over Wenatchee and dry. No snow to play in. To make up for there being no snow, we promised the kids we'd take them to Stevens Pass on our way home and let them play for a while. That seemed to help fight off any potential whining. Well, Sunday morning rolled around and I heard kids outside squealing and laughing. It had to be about 8 in the morning. I hadn't heard or seen the neighbor kids all weekend. It had to have snowed over night! I looked out my window and low and behold, there was a good 3 inches on the ground. Nick and Madison were already up getting their snow gear on. It worked out great so we didn't have to stop at the pass.

We started heading home and loved the view of all the snow and as soon as we hit the Index area, there was no more snow. Suddenly, we got to Hwy 9 near Snohomish and it started to snow. What?!! It was a very light and subtle snow, but the further North we went and got closer to home, it started to pick up and dump. It had only been snowing in Arlington for about an hour and already quite a bit of accumulation. We got home around 3pm. It NEVER stopped snowing! It lightened up Monday morning a little, but not enough to let me get in my car and head to work. The night before, I decided to run to Lowes in the snow to pick up some faucet covers. THANK GOD! Monday morning, there was easily over a foot of snow. A FOOT. We took Titan outside to play for a while and the snow went up past his arm pits. He had to hop through the snow to get through it. It was awesome to see him play in it. Trees toppled down from the Greenbelt and landed in our back yard and are still currently resting against our house. No property damage, though.

After the snow dumpage, everything froze. The temperatures have been between 10 and 15 degrees! Record snow levels, record temperatures, and record rainfall all in the month of November! It's not even winter yet. And they said we were in the middle of global warming and El Nino. LIARS!!! Mike and I think it's some sort of weather conspiracy. I say we go back to polluting. It's clearly not affecting anything.

Well, it's not quite done, yet. We're expecting another 3-6 inches this afternoon and into tomorrow morning. We shall see if we get more trees in our back yard and if I get to make it into work tomorrow. Snow days aren't as fun when you're an adult. It kind of feels like prison. BORING.

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Mike Moody said...

I will never forget the quality "Snow day" we spent together in the fall of 2006. So special... So special.