Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Okay, I'm sharing another one of my weird pregnancy dreams. Last night was really odd. In my dream, apparently I had had my baby in my sleep (wouldn't that be nice). I woke up with a blond haired blue eyed little girl lying on my chest. Mike was smiling at her and she smiled back with the same smile lines as her dad. She was super cute. She had a little pug nose, her hair was styled and her eyes were almost a crystal blue. Then all of the sudden this perfect little girl had become a cat. Fur, pointy ears, and whiskers. Hmm. I was holding her and walked into the bathroom and saw that I no longer had boobs, but I had "teets". I had cat nipples running up and down my chest and abdomen. WTF?!! How the Hell was I supposed to nurse her with these odd chicken pock-like things? Gross. Then I had this awful concern that she wasn't going to be able to participate in any school sports and activities because she wouldn't get big enough to play...because she was a cat. Anyway, there's my creepy dream.

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EvieG said...

That is hilarious. Lewis reincarnated?