Monday, November 06, 2006

Up Chuck

I've been given more sensations from my pregnancy to experience in the home stretch. Up chucking. A lot. Up chucking and then choking on the aftermath left in my throat. How do you explain that to people without getting them to throw up a little in their mouth, too? Sitting, standing, walking, lying down, no matter what I get these constant little hiccup/burps that may or may not be followed by a little surprise at the end. Usually whatever I recently ate followed by some acidy bile. Mmmm.

Another treat I had the pleasure to experience this weekend was water retention. I sensed that I hadn't been getting enough water, but it really showed Saturday night. I was lying on the bed next to Mike talking and looked down at my legs and said, "Holy shit. What is going on with my legs?!" My ankles were a bit wider in circumference than usual. Mike had also noticed it a little puffiness in my face. What?!! I had been so good at getting water except for that day and look how easy it was for my body to take over. So weird. Needless to say, I have been drinking water like crazy since then. I don't feel like adding anymore discomfort to this process than absolutely necessary.

Speaking of discomfort, Farrah is a Dancing Queen. When she is awake, she is ready to run a marathon. With what little room she has in there, she is poking, pushing, kicking, head butting everything. My guts are bruised. I get stomach aches when she's pushing around my stomach.

Finally, I've experienced some bizarre brain farts. Once in particular just happened 10 minutes ago. The Orkin Man came into our office to follow up on our old ant problem. When he asked for me to sign his form he asked me if it was Kathy with a "C" or a "K". I immediately followed with an answer of, "with a C." Dana, in my office started laughing and said, "What?!!" Whatever. She said it was a blond moment, and I will simply blame it on the pregnancy...because I can.

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about your puffy face; beauty is on the inside.

said the ugly fat lady.