Thursday, November 09, 2006

Like A Rock

I have been suffering from some serious insomnia lately. First of all, Mike and I stay up way too late. We may be in bed by 10(ish), but we stay up talking or watching the Daily Show until well past 11:00. Mike usually starts to drift off at that time and slides the remote control in my direction and says good night. Well, I'm usually wide awake. The Light House beacon that blazes from our TV directly into our retinas makes me feel guilty for keeping it on while Mike dozes off. Eventually, I turn off the TV and just sit there. I sit and stare at the ceiling, stare at Titan sleeping soundly, stare at Mike in his deep dream state, all the while feeling very jealous. I can't get comfortable and my mind races. I have to grab my blanket and head downstairs for the recliner. I usually curl up in several blankets, turn on the TV, and get very comfortable. I always feel bad leaving Mike to sleep alone, but it is the only way I can get even the slightest amount of sleep. Sometimes he wakes up from a bad dream and reaches over for me to comfort him, and I'm not there, of course making his nightmare a reality. Sometimes he'll come downstairs and get me around 4 or 5 in the morning to come back up to bed. It's very difficult. For the last 3 nights, even the recliner hasn't helped. That means I haven't been sleeping at all for 3 nights! I think I was getting a total of 8-9 hours of sleep broken up between those 3 nights. Horrible. Tired. Zombie. My doctor gave me excellent news, though. I get to take Simply Sleep, a sleeping pill. I took it last night and slept HARD through the night. I had actually planned on not going to work today if I didn't sleep well. I was in such a deep sleep, Mike woke up to me actually snoring (yeah, right) and didn't have the heart to tell me to shut the hell up, like I usually tell him. I feel refreshed and well rested. I love it when drugs can take care of the slightest little problem.

I'll be popping those again tonight. Can't wait!

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