Sunday, November 26, 2006

Coughing Can Be Dangerous

Another embarrassing topic. The other day, I was at home by myself eating my crappy dinner. Mike was out with some friends so I took the liberty to just enjoy my time by myself. While I was drinking my beverage, I got some down the wrong pipe and started to choke. I was choking the way I love to choke. No one was around so I coughed hard, loud, and crazy-like. You know, usually when you choke there are people around and you want to get the embarrassing coughing episode over with as soon as possible so you can get back to the conversation at hand. Since no one was there I was able to go on a spastic rampage coughing, gagging, gasping, and coughing some more. Loved it. Finally, the seizure-esque behavior started to hurt my stomach so I leaned back in the recliner and gave one final hard cough to wrap up my choking session so I could get back to watching my show. HACK! And then it happened. I peed myself. That's right. Peed. Just a little, mind you. My plumbing isn't working like it used to. I suppose I haven't been practicing my keagels like I should. "Oh my god!" I had to wiggle myself out of my chair and had to make my way to the bathroom. I couldn't help but laugh. I peed. After taking care of the rest of my "business", I made it upstairs, changed my clothes and through the "soiled" clothes in the wash. I cleaned up and was able to finish eating my crappy dinner and watch my show. I'm going to try to start drinking my beverages a little slower from now on.

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