Friday, November 17, 2006

Got the Baby Bruise

I have the weirdest thing going on with my skin right now. I discovered it last night. About 4 inches above my belly button is a bruise on my skin that is about the size of a penny, but you can't see it. Not only that, but it hurts if you very lightly brush against it with little to no pressure. The skin is bruised. One of the girls I work with thinks it might be a bruise from the inside, which makes sense. Farrah can only kick me so many times against skin that is paper thin at this point, before I start getting injured.

Last night I was taking some items back to Babies R Us and decided that I needed to get our stroller. I walked over to take a look at what we had registered for one last time before I made that financial commitment. I hated it. It was ugly. It was a sage green with yellow and white plaid. Ick. Unfortunately, it was the only one that had the twisted handle for the baby carrier for a less awkward feel. I knew I'd have buyer's remorse if I pulled out my money to buy that thing, so I chose to continue my adventure of returning items to various stores. I finally landed at Target. I love Target. Why didn't I register for everything there in the first place? I took my one item back and headed towards the baby section for shits and giggles. I just wanted to see what they had in comparison to what Babies R Us carried. I found the strollers. There was one that was almost identical to the one that we registered for, only it was a chocolate brown and taupe color and one grade up from what we originally wanted. Not only that, it was $20 cheaper. Called Mike, got the okay, and purchased the stroller with nothing but buyer's joy.

When I brought it home, Mike really liked it although it was as big as a small car. He put it together and showed me how it worked. I will have to practice a couple times to get it all down though. What I liked best about it was that it is somewhat masculine and still feminine. The other one was way too girly for even me or my daughter. I prefer keeping it pretty neutral. I look at the fact that Mike will have to push that thing around from time to time or just be seen near it. Do I want my incredible hulk man being seen with a sage and yellow plaid frilly stroller, or something that is beefy and still cute enough for his sweet girl? Same thing applied when picking out my diaper bag. There are so many out there that just look like giant purses, but what happens when Mike takes her for the day? Is he going to want to walk around with a big pretty purse or something that looks like Walt Disney pooped all over? No, I went for sporty and fun colors. Mind you, Mike is not one that refuses to hold my purse for me every once in a while, but I don't want to make a habit of it. He's very secure in his masculinity so I don't want to force him to have to start cross dressing because of the baby shit we're picking out for Farrah. That's not very fair for him. I'm just looking out for him.

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