Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's The Final Countdown

As of yesterday, I am now 32 weeks. That means I have 8 weeks to go. That means I have 2 months to go. That means I have 55 days left. Crazy. Today I had my doctor's appointment. It was a tad different than my usual appointments. I had shared with my doctor that last Friday we had gone through the corn maze in Snohomish which was very muddy and slippery. After Mike and I had decided we had had enough slipping and trying to keep our balance, we chose to turn back. While we were waiting there for our friends to follow suit, I had massive Braxton Hicks contractions along with back pains that felt very menstral like. Those can both be signs of preterm labor. Although, I have not continued to have the back pain, I get the Braxton Hicks everyday (like I always do). My doctor decided to "check things out." No dialation, but my cervix is starting to soften up. When I shared this with Mike, it was weird because it was definately a sign that we are on our way towards the finish line. Sorry if that was too much information for some of you. However, you should all know by now that is my style. Be grateful that I didn't give MORE detailed info. Ick.

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