Monday, October 30, 2006


I had my first shower on Sunday. It was perfect. The food was fantastic and the tea was delicious. We did a Brunch/Tea Party shower. It was fun. Bree, Rigel, and my mom spent the night so we could all get to work in the morning. Everyone was baking and prepping and cleaning. When we got to the point of feeling like we wanted to put our feet up, people started to arrive. It was crazy. EVERYONE was so punctual! As everyone started to roll in, coffee was brewing, food was being put out, tea cups were put out, and the tea was steeping. About 20 minutes into it, we had people start digging in. Everyone spread throughout the main floor to eat and mingle. My girlfriends helped me move some furniture around in the basement to make room for everyone. Periodically, people would make their way upstairs to see the nursery that Mike worked so hard on. Everyone loved it. Almost all of them were saying they'd never seen a round crib before or even knew they existed. Our friend Gavin painted the Cinderella castle, Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and of course my favorite, Ugly Dolls throughout the room. It's so sweet. I loved having it at my house so everyone could see what Mike did. I also have to mention that Mike had installed chair molding around the room. It's so pretty.

It's hard for me to have that much attention on me. I don't particularly like being the center of attention. I felt like I wasn't opening the gifts fast enough and I didn't want anyone to get bored. However, no matter how fast I was going, it was going to take a while. The gifts went on forever. We received so many great things from everyone. I got a big lump in my throat when I opened up the blanket my Grandma made. My daughter will have her blankie like I did. My cousin, Bre, put together a scrapbook for me. It's all set up and just needs me to add pictures and little comments. Finally, the gift that got me to actually cry...The quilt. My sister-in-law worked her ass off and put together a gift so thoughtful and precious I have no idea how to even thank her. Bree sent out a letter to several of my friends and family members stating that she was putting together a Wish Quilt for Farrah. What was involved was having people pick out a piece of fabric that best described them and write on a piece of paper a blessing, a quote, a wish, or simple words of encouragement in life. They were to then send it to her or give it to Mike to give to her later and she would put it all together. The quilt is about 4' x 4' with all these small pieces of fabric stitched together. It also came with a book. In the book were the matching pieces of fabric that were on the quilt with the wishes from all of our friends and family members. I sat with Mike and flipped through the pages and would see the fabric and read the comments from everyone. Everyone worked so hard on this. It was the "perfect" gift.

I hate to cry in front of people. Hate it. I held on as long as I could as I read the letter that Bree put together for me to share what it was and what was involved. My face got hot and I could tell it was turning bright red. I was like a volcano. I even scrunched my face and turned away and it looked like I was going to sneeze. No, just cry. Drop, drop, drop went the tears. Couldn't help it. I think if I didn't cry, it would just have been proof that I have no heart or soul.

To everyone who had a chance to be involved in the making of that quilt, I thank you. The love and support that went into such an amazing gift will never be forgotten. My little girl will learn at a very young age the beauty and value of friendship and family.

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