Thursday, October 05, 2006

Three More Months of This???

I know I'm bitching again, but sometimes it makes me feel better. MY FUGGIN BACK HURTS!!!!!! Everyone tells me that it's normal, but as soon as I tell them where my back hurts, they say, "Oh, that never bothered me." What the Hell ever. It is my middle back and my shoulders. I know it's due to carrying around baby & pregnancy weight, but it's driving me crazy. It actually makes me cranky. I have to sit so low and slouched in my chair at work in order to feel somewhat comfortable. If I sit up straight, or up and slouched, it just perpetuates the achiness in my back. I look like I'm getting ready to take a nap in my chair, but I'm actually working. It looks unprofessional, but so does crying. I had to weigh out my options. The part that makes me cranky is when I'm on the phone with someone that feels like telling me their life story that I could honestly give two shits about. I'm uncomfortable and in pain. Listening to stupid stuff and stupid people just makes it worse because I can't sit in that comfortable position while on the phone. Okay. I'm done now because as I type this, the pain in my shoulders is coming back. By the way, the Tylenol isn't working...again. This bitch session didn't make me feel better. Dammit.

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