Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Do You Want Fries With That Hamburger?

Yesterday, Mike and I had our second 4D ultrasound done. This one went much better than last time, but Farrah is still so stubborn. We did get to see more of her face, though. It was pretty neat. She would open and close her mouth and stick out her tongue. She is a thumb sucker! I immediately had Dr. Shields' (Jen's boss who is an Orthodontist) name go through my head. Hopefully, that won't become a problem in the future. She likes to keep her hand up to her ear. She'll be one of those cute little babies that sucks her thumb on one hand and pulls her ear with the other hand. Cute. However, after talking to Jen, we figured it's quite likely that the ultrasound is super loud in there and she's just covering her ears. She presses one ear against the wall of my insides and covers her other ear with her hand because it annoys her. Good girl. Protect yourself. After a long wait of trying to get her to turn around so we could get a full headshot, we managed to get this:

She is definitely a Moody and a Lund. I love it! That is no ordinary bird. She didn't happen to relax in that position. She had something to tell us and she did. We laughed so hard at the way our appointment wrapped up. It made sense.

During the whole time we were there, I was soooooooo uncomfortable. I drank some lemonade to try to stir her up. She usually starts bouncing around when I have something sour like that. On the other hand, it gave me an awful stomach ache. Plus, my insides are a bit backed up. I know I can't stop talking about it, but it's uncomfortable and I feel like complaining about it. So, I wanted to die through the whole thing because the ultrasound tool was being pushed against the areas that were hurting me. I could hardly wait until it was over. It got to the point where I could've cared less if she showed us her face or not. Just show me a bathroom!

I did miss out on some of the little comments our technician said at our previous appointment, though. At our last 4D, he made comments that made Mike and I laugh and then wonder about later. Don't get me wrong we really like DJ. He's a great technician who is very enthusiastic and loves his work. He is, however, just a dude. He doesn't have a soothing bedside mannerism that you picture when getting photos of your first born. He's kinda...what's the word...filthy. Instead of saying, "okay Farrah, show us your parts so we can confirm you're a little girl" he says, "okay Farrah, show us your hamburger." What? Did he say hamburger? Why, yes, he did. Every time the word "hamburger" escaped his mouth, the word "ewwwww" came to mind. Mike and I laughed about how maybe this next time he'd refer to it as her "taco" or her "pie slice". Anything disgusting and inappropriate we would come up with. Sorry if that offends any of you (especially family) but I'm just sharing honest conversations and experiences. He would refer to our unborn child as if she were a Penthouse model. I know he didn't mean anything by it, but again, ewwww. However, yesterday, he didn't make one icky comment. Not a one! We were almost looking forward to the next creative way he would refer to our daughters reproductive organs. He has two sons (13 & 18) which can explain a lot. However, he just had a daughter born two months ago and I wonder if he started creeping himself out with how he was referring to female body parts. He has a little girl now and it's probably not as amusing to him anymore. The thing that sucks is hamburger will forever come to mind now. When Farrah is old enough to form sentences and is taking a bath one day and asks what the hell is in between her legs, do I say, "hamburger?" Probably not, but I know it will pop in my brain and I might just start laughing, making her think that there's something wrong with her. Hopefully it won't come to that.

I'll tell you what, I'll probably never order another hamburger again without thinking of vagina which pretty much makes me lose my appetite. Thanks, DJ!

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