Thursday, September 21, 2006

H2-Oh my GOD!

Today I drank massive amounts of water. So much water, so many trips to the bathroom. I've felt like I haven't been getting very much, if not enough lately. It may have been a little excessive. I drank one 12oz glass of water after another starting at around 2pm and ending at 5pm. At no time did I have to barf it up, though. For some reason, I tend to feel dehydrated at 9pm and so I drink a massive amount of water and then I get up at least 5 times in the middle of the night leaving me unrested. I'm hoping that my little daytime water drinking experiment will allow me to have a normal night's sleep.

On another not-so-wonderful note, I experienced my first cramp. Not a shit cramp, but a left hip cramp. Oh my god it was sooooooo horr-i-ble!!! I was busy emptying the dishwasher and I got this uncomfortable pain in my left lower abdominal/hip area. It was hard to stand and the pain started to shoot from my hip straight into my back. I whined about it to Mike and as soon as he told me to go sit down and get off my feet, the pain started to ease up. I went back to doing the dishes and it came on again. Ooooooh, not good. I quietly whined to Mike again. He was in another room and told me again to sit down. I sat down and it started to go away. I figured it must be some kind of ligament pain because I've been having symptoms of growing again. Nope! It started again, and this time it was like I had a 45 pound weight digging into my left hip. Now I was crying out for Mike because I was scared. He came rushing in and asking where it hurt. I was almost in tears. Of course, he started making jokes that the pain must be stemming from the stupid pony tail I was wearing. All I could do was let out little weak laughs. At least I was laughing. Mike helped me put the recliner up and started massaging my hip. It felt sooooooo much better. My hero. Down to the hot tub I went. I realized it was just a cramp. Just a cramp. Hmm. I haven't had a cramp that made me cry since I was 16 years old. Which brought both Mike and I to an uncomfortable realization. If I thought that was bad, what the hell do I think a contraction or child birth is going to be like? When I told him, "Oh my god, can you even imagine what kind of a pussy I'm going to be?!!!" he shared that the same exact thought was going through his head and we both started laughing. The bad news, apparently that won't be the last time I have one of those unpleasant cramps. The good news, at least with contractions and child birth comes lots and lots of endorphins and drugs (as well as a happy ending).

Stupid water. I thought it was supposed to help with cramps. Off to bed I go and will try my best to stay in bed and avoid the bathroom.

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