Friday, September 15, 2006

Charmin Softness

My back has been hurting lately. The chair I sit in at work is a piece of shit joke of a chair. I think it was taken from the side of the road with a sign that said "Free!" on it. When sitting in a chair, you are usually at a 90-100 degree angle. No, in this chair I'm going to guess I sit at a 150-160 degree angle. I'm practically lying down, but have to type and answer phones at the same time. When I get home, my back hurts so much, I can't get comfortable and I feel like I probably come across as a bitch. Honestly, I can't help it. I go and sit on the couch to have a conversation with Mike and I get super squirmy. This is because not only does my back hurt, but by the end of the day, so does my ass. My tail bone and butt cheeks throb by the time I get home. This makes me nervous because I still have 3+ months to go in this race. My boss told me to go ahead and order a new chair because he knew how bad it was, but I don't know what would actually be comfortable. How can I predict what will work for me 2 months from now when I will be completely huge? In the meantime, I brought a pillow from home to put me at a 130 degree angle instead. It's a little better. Now, I need to find a foam pad or something of the sort to put under my ass. As I type this, I feel like I'm sitting on bricks. It also makes my knees hurt. Oh my god I am a complaining fool right now. Embarrassing. Anyway, I need to find some creative ways to get comfortable aside from becoming a live version of one of those old 80s Charmin commercials by arriving at work with 100 rolls of toilet paper stuffed down my pants to cushion my caboose and back. However, had my boss not suggested getting a new chair, I probably would've shown up in the toilet paper suit just to prove a point.

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