Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hey kids...

I saw something when I was leaving the gym this morning that somehow caught my eye.  The colors stood out first, then it was the odd shape of the vehicle, then it was the massive advertising.  This thing looks like a kidnap caboose.  Plenty of room in the back for plenty of delightful children.  I assume the driver is a harmless person simply running a small business from this fucking weird...truck? Station wagon?  Cut up old Volkswagon bus?  What the hell is it?  But if you read it, it lists all things that would entice a child to look at it, read it, and chase it until the vehicle came to a stop.  It does not, however, offer puppies which I feel is missing on this rig.  Besides the fact that it appears to be a kidnap-mobile, it is also an advertisement of shit food when we're all leaving the gym.  No, I do not want cotton candy, or snocones, or popcorn.  But do you have ice cream sandwiches?  I'd love an ice cream sandwich please!  No?  Then get the fuck out of the gym parking lot!  You've wasted my time.


Anonymous said...


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Lori Y said...

It's a VW pickup truck from the 60s with a wild paint job. Our dad had a VW blue one for the farm truck when I was a kid.