Wednesday, October 10, 2012


There is a woman out here in lil' Wenatchee that loves her job.  Loves it SO much that she wants to spread the love to the rest of us, even if we aren't interested.  Actually, she loves me.  She loves my car.  She loves to hate my car.  This woman is the Meter Maid.  I am not a fan.  Not at all.
There is a law here, unlike in Everett or Seattle, that you can only be parked in one spot for 3 hours - however, then you must LEAVE.  Go!  Get the hell out of town!  I was under the impression that I could leave my parking spot at the 3 hour mark and then scoot on over to a new opening.  There usually is an opening...and I take it.  Well, I got my first ticket about a two to three months ago.  Can't remember.  Pissed?  Yes.  But I broke the rule by letting it go over by 20 minutes.  Seriously.  Then last month or so, got another.  WTF?  Then I got a scathing note on my car in angry doctor's handwriting telling me that I had been breaking some RCW-blah-blah-bullshit rule that apparently states that we are to not park within a 2 block radius of the businesses after 3 hours.  Her chicken scratch continued by telling me to "PARK IN THE PARKING LOT!!!"
Oh, really?  Three exclamation points?  Got it.  She's freaking serious about this rule that NO ONE knows exists unless they work at the local businesses.  But okay.  Got the message.

Well, my back that was feeling so not awesome this week made me want to puke when I thought of walking up from the parking lot carrying my silly heavy briefcase and silly heavy purse to the coffee shop.  Luckily, I came across the Meter Maid before I parked in the parking lot as she was getting ready to leave.  I rolled down my window and made very friendly small talk, even teasing her that she had clearly targeted my car and we laughed.  We laughed and we laughed and we laughed.  Ha ha ha! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I'd made a request that she work with me for that day because I had a pinched nerve that was killing me.  She understood and was convincingly understanding.  She simply told me to go ahead and park up there and to not take advantage of it later.  I agreed and even told her it would probably only be that day and that I heal quickly.  Great!  We were on the same page.  Big smiles, waves, and well wishes were exchanged.  I parked up by the coffee shop and still had difficulty walking with all my shit.  Oh well, I was having a great day and I felt like I Dale Carnegied the shit out of that situation that it gave me bragging rights.  That was until I was done editing my work and headed out to my find another GOD DAMN TICKET!!!
Of course, I laughed as I blurted out every ugly name for the Ticket Nazi that I could pull out of my ass.  While it's only $30, it's freaking $30!  I'm considering taking time out of my life to complain.  Coffee-Shop-Steve suggested that I do since he's lived here forever and has never heard of the "rule" that was plastered all over her note to me, and because she actually gave me permission to park up there.  If she had to uphold the law in this very illegal situation I was walking a very fine line with, all she had to do was tell me no.  But she didn't.  She is an asshole.

Yeah.  Take that, Lady that will never see this or give two shits for that matter.

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