Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bitch Session

I have to write about this right now because it is happening...right now.  There are two women here at the place that I frequent with their children.  I love kids.  Usually.  I love kids when their parents aren't a little retarded.  Hey, here's a good idea:  Let's let the toddlers jump on and off the stage where there are massive wires and other miscellaneous tripping and electrical hazards!  Fun kids! Fun!

What's super awesome is that all of Wenatchee is in a freaky windstorm and it's been shaking my house and several buildings.  So, I thought coming in here would give me some sort of break from the crazy.  Not so.  Every time those "little ones" would land, my table shook like there was a goddamn earthquake.  Oh, and there's a brick wall to catch their fall as well as a giant metal vent.  Don't forget the outlet box sticking out for their little fingers to go into.  Well done, moms!

Some people shouldn't breed.

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