Sunday, October 07, 2012

Bastard Sciatic

My lower left back has been hurting for a little bit lately, but now it's killing me.  I've been wondering if I need to see a chiropractor and get my hips adjusted, but if this is sciatic, I'm just going to have to tough it out.  But now with the smoke outside and any potential allergies I might have...I sneeze.  And when I know the sneeze is coming and the tickle is building up, fear begins to grip at me knowing the torture that is about to present itself.  WhaaaaaaCHOOOOOO!!!
And then, of course, I laugh.  It makes me laugh because it is so painful, my reaction to it is craziness and it makes me feel old.  Stupid back.  However, I've had this problem since I was in high school.  I've taken Advil and nothing.  I'm going to try heat on my back, too.  Mike suggested Tylenol even though in my entire life, it has NEVER worked for me.  But what have I got to lose...except for pain?
Well, no Tylenol in the house except for a bottle of Pediacare for Farrah.  Someone my size takes 4tsp. I never did well as a child taking liquid medicine.  And the curse continues.  I tossed it back to find it just slowly oozed in, so there was no escape to quickly chase it with something that would kill the sick taste.  Blech!  And the worst part?  It had SO much sugar in it, it had a Pop Rocks crunch to it.  Farrah actually asked me prior to me taking it how many calories it had in it.  What the hell?!!  I NEVER talk about calories because I don't give a rat's ass.  However, after taking that god-awful medicine I let her know I just had about 400 calories.  Gross.  Me.  Out.

I hope this works because I have to vacuum and dust and I know there will be a sneeze or two in my future.  Shit.  Just sneezed and it sucked.

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