Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Really...I'm Not Stupid

Our assistant manager took off for maternity leave yesterday. That means, not only do I have to do my daily tasks including managing people, I also have to take care of all the "behind the scenes" stuff. Two people's jobs. I started working on some of the stuff that is on Kelly's desk and I thought my brain was going to explode. I had to call her at least 7 times and send several text messages. I was working on our deposits from both gyms for the past couple days. It's not the first time I've done it, but it has been quite a few months. Of course, I ended up having to go through paperwork and money that an idiot put together. By idiot, I mean someone who can't count, who can't put together a contract, who can't calculate taxes correctly, and can't print out the appropriate paperwork. I decided to just throw in the towel for the day and pick up where I left off first thing tomorrow morning. If she hasn't already pushed out her baby, she'll probably get a couple phone calls again. I'll figure it all out soon so people don't think I'm retarded. Stuff that should take me 45 minutes to an hour to do took me 3 and I still didn't finish. I have a lot to learn about what others do around that place. When I do, I know I'll be a more effective manager! This is a great opportunity!

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