Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Little Catch Up

So, I'm going to get you all up to date about our little Farrah. Yes, it has been a while, but holy crap, I've been insanely busy. Or maybe just insane. Farrah is able to communicate, and very well, I might add. She says, "No!" It is extremely helpful when I show her everything in the pantry and refrigerator and she says, "no" to everything until we find what she'll eat. Yes, I give her options. That is just while her dad is dieting. When we get back to normal meals, she won't have much choice. While it might be helpful when trying to find out what she wants to eat or what toy she wants me to grab for the car ride, it's not so much when I ask her to come to me. "NO!" It's not just that she says the word, but she puckers up her lips to touch her nose, and says, "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno!" She holds it as if she's winding up an engine. She also says, "Mine!" She does this in the same manor as No. Holds the MMMMMMM and releases with a loud, "MINE!" Unfortunately, I have encouraged the poor behavior by laughing at my child when she does this. I can't help it. It's so hard to turn around and not laugh hard out loud. It's such an event for her when she uses these two words. She also is calling both her dad and I by our parental names. It's very cool. She kisses us holds that MMMM again and says, "Mmmmmuah!" She puckers up too! She hugs us at the knees and sometimes doesn't let go. She has a word for snacks: Go Gee. Where she came up with that, I have no idea. Another fun one is "Ditty" for blanket. She wants her bah bah, baby, and her ditty when it's time to go ni ni.

A cool little trick that my daughter apparently inherited by me was acting. Or should I say faking. She will fake cry like no one else I know (except me). She puts her head down, makes her face, starts to wail like we told her she gets to go to Catholic School, and sometimes throws herself to the floor dramatically. If it doesn't get the response she wants, she'll pick herself up and throw herself down in another part of the room. While she does all of this, she sneakily lifts her head and looks for some sort of concerned look or pity from anyone. Mind you, she has dry eyes. Again, I have reinforced this bad behavior by laughing hysterically when she does this. Can't help it! It's freakin' funny! I will begin to stop laughing soon.

We have had two big mile stones the last two days. For the past few weeks, Farrah has found ways to tell me she needs her diaper changed. I'll ask her, and she'll say yes. She tugs at the front of her pants, at the top of the diaper to try to pull it down. And she says, "M' Dee". (That means diaper) After paying close attention to her behaviors, (including standing in the tub saying, "Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh" and being taken out, having a diaper put on, and 30 seconds pooping in the diaper rather in the tub) I decided to run the bath yesterday and watch to see what she would do. She tugged at her diaper, which was empty, so I put a naked Farrah on the toilet. Nothing. But she did think it was funny. As soon as I put her in the tub, then she peed. Dammit! I grabbed her and tried to get her to finish on the toilet, but to no avail. She was already done. However, last night was Farrah's beginning steps to potty training!!! Yay!

Another mile stone was this evening. Farrah had her first PB&J. Her first sandwich! She loved it. She struggled with eating the peanut butter because she had no idea how much chewing she'd have to do. She got tired from it pretty easily.

My computer is about to die from this long blog so I'll end with one more Farrah Fact. She now does the baby wet noodle. When she doesn't want to go where you take her, she becomes limp. If I'm walking with her and she doesn't want to go there, she goes limp, falls to the ground while I'm still holding her hand, making me look like an abusive mother dragging their child to the grocery store. It's funny how something can go from 20 pounds to 100 in a matter of seconds.

It's fun communicating with our girl and understanding a language only a parent can understand. It's weird, but very cool.

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