Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Hurt

I am sitting in bed typing when I should be lying down. Today was a physically tough day for me that decided to completely land in my back. I had to run several errands which involved me taking Farrah out of the car, carrying her, or walking with her while bent over, and then ultimately picking her back up and placing her in her car seat. I had to go around the Marysville gym picking up weights that people decided to leave on the ground. I had to look up and down for paperwork that was missing in several different file cabinets. At lunch time, I brought Farrah home and cooked her lunch, followed by cooking my own. Then I had to get her off to bed for her nap time. Then it was play time for me and Mike. Then I went back to the gym to work on some stuff followed by working out my legs (squats, lunges, and leg extensions). After that, we needed some things from the grocery store so Farrah and I were off yet again. By the time I reached the store, I felt like I could hardly stand. I was leaning all my weight against the cart and walking in very slow motion. Something that should've taken 30 minutes, took me over an hour. Got home, Mike unloaded the car, we both unpacked everything, he cooked his diet dinner, I fed Farrah and cooked my dinner. It wasn't until 8:40 that I was able to sit with my feet up and eat. Mind you, I had to change a diaper in there and help Mike chase down our child from inevitable danger. I have taken something for the pain which is doing nothing, and now I am wrapping it up to try to sleep. I get to do it all over again tomorrow. Wheeeee!!!

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