Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Smack Down

Farrah has been beat up today. Not once, not twice, but 5 times!!! When we arrived at the daycare, her nemesis, Brook, came running with her hands forward and shoved them right into Farrah's face. Fingers landed in eyes and up nostrils. Farrah just looked at me and shook it off like it was no big deal because she is always bewildered by the daycare whenever she arrives. Brook is Farrah's nemesis because she, too, is so damn cute. It's a bit of a "cuteness" power struggle between the two of them. Brook is about 2 months older than Farrah (if that). Later, Farrah was in the aerobics room with the other children playing with balls and learning to do summer saults. When I walked in, the daycare lady had her show me a summer sault. When she was done and lying on her back with a big smile all full of pride from her accomplishment, Brook walked over with a 2 pound weight and dropped it on Farrah's face. This time, the tears were flowing. She was okay and able to shake it off, but Brook got a good scolding for that one. I even tattled to her mother about how mean she is to my kid. Probably about 5 minutes later, another little girl, about 2 years old, decided she wanted to pick Farrah up. By doing so, she put her arm around her throat and proceeded to lift. I ran over immediately saying, "N'n'n'n'n'n'n'no!" We had to explain to the little girl that she wasn't allowed to hold the little ones. UGH!!! After that, about and hour had gone by when I could hear my little girl shrieking from the daycare in my office. I got up to check, and a different daycare gal was holding Farrah (who was sobbing hysterically), handed her over to me and explained that one of the kids in the daycare was kicking a ball around the room and it was kicked into Farrah's face which forced her to fall back and hit her head. Okay, so now I'm just dying over the abuse my daughter has suffered throughout the day, and the day isn't even over yet! It is very difficult to be kind and polite to another child that has hurt yours, but you have to. You have to be kind and gentle depending on the circumstance, especially when the kid is 1, 2, or 3 years old. All of which are learning right from wrong, but unfortunately learning it all over my kids face.

Finally, when I ran into the bank to do the day's deposit, I was pulling Farrah out of her car seat and her head hit the side of the door. This time it was my fault. I was the bully. I felt HORRIBLE! She whined a little and rubbed her head, but went on and simply accepted that this was just the kind of day she was having. Sometimes, that's just what you have to do.

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