Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So, um, I'm not sure how to let the world know exactly what I did. I'm a little ashamed and can't even believe that I did this, let alone getting ready to tell my awful secret.

Well, here it is...

I took Farrah to McDonalds!!!!!

I'm so ashamed and fear that now that it has started, she will be one of those children that constantly begs to go there and has a fit if I say no. I've told so many people that I refused to ever allow this food into her body, and yet here I type while she sits next to me in her high chair dipping her greasy french fries in high fructose corn syrup filled ketchup and takes bites of her talon or beak filled chicken McNuggets. What have I done?!!! That's not all! I, too, purchased myself a filet o' fish. It is the only thing I can stomach at that place. At least I didn't order a Coke and go crazy and Super Size it.

Oh!!! Good news! She just said, "All Done!" She ate probably 10 fries and just sucked the ketchup off the nuggets. She must have started to realize it was possible that had she continued, she might bite into a toe or simply get gut rott.

I'm terrible.

Now, excuse me while I dig into my delicious filet o' fish.

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