Sunday, August 24, 2008

2008 Olympic Gymnist

Today, Farrah did a tumbling act for me. Down the stairs. I had just finished changing her diaper and got up to follow her out and toss it in the garbage, when she decided to bolt. Before I could even yell out her name (mind you she was 4 feet away from me) she was already sitting on the top step and leaning forward. I screamed her name as she went tumbling down the stairs. The first part of the fall was as if she was doing a summer sault and the rest was like she was rolling down a hill on her side. When she stopped at the landing, I was immediately holding her tight. It seemed like no matter how fast I was running down those stairs, I just couldn't get to her fast enough. I checked everything and nothing was broken. She had started to cry, but it was mainly because of how frightened she was. I couldn't let her go, though. It scared the shit out of me and so far all day, it has played in my mind over and over again like a movie. It would've ended on a much better note had she landed with a perfect dismount. No, but glad she didn't land with any broken bones.

Farrah, you'll be carried everywhere you go from now on until you leave high school. I'm not taking anymore chances like that again.

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